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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4715 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4715 Start

At this time, she couldn’t care about the damage to the mobile phone at all,

And the grievance and loss in her heart made the tears that she had endured very hard roll down again.

Charlie didn’t expect Jemima to bow her head to pick up the phone and start to cry,

And quickly asked her, “Miss Liu, why are you crying? What happened?”

Jemima looked at him with blurry eyes, unable to control her tears.

All of a sudden, she burst into tears and choked: “I… broke my phone…”

Charlie is not a smart person emotionally.

Regardless, he has been married to Claire for four years, but he has never really talked about relationship matters much.

He never had any conflict with Claire, nor did he get angry or quarreled,

And his relationship has always been flat and slowly rising.

Without the ups and downs of emotional experience, naturally, there will be no vigorous love experience.

However, which of the masters in love is not the result of countless storms?

For those experienced sea kings, just one look can tell whether the other party has fallen,

But for Charlie, who has no experience, even if the other party cried out in front of him, he couldn’t get the hint.

So, when he saw Jemima’s crying pear blossom with rain, he quickly said:

“Oh, isn’t it because the phone is broken? It doesn’t matter, I’ll just give you another one, why cry…”

Jemima’s mood was a little broken, while crying she said:

“But… but if you give me another one, it’s not this one anymore, I liked this one!”

Charlie hurriedly said, “I know you are nostalgic… But you don’t have to worry,”

“The phone is broken. It can also be repaired, just change the back cover.”

After saying that, he looked at the time and said, “Oh, it may be a little late now,”

“Or else, take it to the store for repairs early tomorrow morning,”

“If they have accessories, they can be repaired in one morning.”

“If they don’t have accessories, it doesn’t matter,”

“I will buy another one and disassemble it as an accessory for you, okay?”

Jemima couldn’t control her sadness. But she didn’t dare to say what she was thinking,

So she could only cry aggrieved: “What I want is this mobile phone…”

“This mobile phone is exactly as it is… If the back cover is changed, it will not be this one. It’s over…”

Charlie was helpless and could only persuade: “Otherwise, I’ll buy you a mobile phone case,”

“And you can wrap the back cover of the mobile phone.”

“Anyway, the glass back cover is broken, and the mobile phone is not broken.”

“A mobile phone case can avoid broken glass cuts without delaying continued use.”

Jemima cried even more and said, “I don’t want a phone case…”

“What’s the point of a phone case other than self-deception!”

Charlie was stunned.

He couldn’t understand why Jemima, a talented student who had always been very intellectual and rational,

Suddenly got into such a bull’s-eye that only a three-year-old could get into.

In his opinion, it’s just a mobile phone. The best solution is to replace it with a new one.

If it doesn’t work, just fix it. If it doesn’t work, you can still use a phone case.

If these three solutions don’t work, then this matter is basically unsolved.

Therefore, at this time, he has no idea how to persuade her.

At this time, Stella, who had been pacing back and forth with her mobile phone pretending to be not far away,

Suddenly saw Jemima sitting there crying non-stop, so she came forward:

“What’s wrong with Miss Liu? Why did you suddenly start to cry?”

Jemima was already crying and could not speak, Charlie sighed and said,

“Hey, Miss Liu dropped the phone, she can’t stop crying, I couldn’t even persuade her.”