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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4711 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4711 Start

Charlie saw Jemima standing not far away, and his first reaction was to feel surprised.

Immediately afterward, he looked at Stella and asked inexplicably,

“Miss Fei, what’s the situation?” Before Jemima arrived, Stella smiled slightly and said in a low voice,

“I invited Jemima. I’m really sorry that I didn’t report to Mr. Wade in advance.”

After speaking she added: “I also saw that there seemed to be some misunderstanding between you and Miss Liu,”

“So I thought about letting you two deal with the misunderstanding.”

“Miss Liu can have a chance to sit down and have a good chat,”

“Otherwise if we go back tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and you want the deal with it there might not be such a good opportunity.”

Charlie really did not expect that Stella would actually have good observation,

And her nuance consideration is so unexpected.

However, although Charlie was surprised, he was a little more grateful to Stella.

In fact, he also really wanted to have a good talk with Jemima before leaving Hong Kong.

He didn’t force her to understand his original intention,

But at least there was a chance to say sorry in person.

To talk about it with Jemima, Charlie was naturally ashamed.

However, when he was at the airport this afternoon, seeing that she seemed very disappointed with him,

Charlie didn’t know how to explain it to her.

After all, it was still unknown whether she was willing to listen to his explanation.

In addition, he was going to return to the United States soon, so he had some thoughts of breaking the jar.

He felt that it was a done deal anyway, so he could do whatever he wanted.

Although he didn’t tell Jemima the truth, he finally saw Jemima’s face and opened up to Gerard.

However, when he came to this snack street again just now, he couldn’t help thinking of Jemima in his heart.

Thinking of her, he felt somewhat lost in his heart.

This feeling is somewhat similar to the feeling when Nanako was injured by Aoxue,

And was urgently taken back to Japan for treatment.

Although Charlie is not a kind person who is overflowing with emotions for everyone,

He is by no means a person of great evil. If he has hatred,

He will repay it; if he is kind, he will pay it back too and won’t let go.

While thinking about it, Jemima had come to the front,

Charlie felt a little drum in his heart, and Jemima’s heart was even more nervous.

In fact, she didn’t know that Stella had an appointment with Charlie tonight.

Because what she told her on the phone was that Charlie had something to do temporarily,

So she just placed an order and asked her to have dinner together.

Moreover, in the conversation between Charlie and Gerard in the afternoon,

She learned that Jemima has a snack street of her own,

So she naturally guided Jemima to set the place to eat on the grounds that,

She wanted to taste the local cuisine of Hong Kong.

What Jemima didn’t expect was that Charlie was here too.

This made her panic like a bunny in her heart.

Although she complained that Charlie didn’t tell her the truth,

And that he was too stubborn to her father, but after all, she had him in her heart,

So since returning home, she has been thinking about him almost all the time.

She was also worried that if she failed to talk about this matter with Charlie,

After he left Hong Kong, the two might not meet again.