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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 471 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 471 Start

Barena Wei was worried and said to his father Youngzheng Wei: “Dad, let’s change the property and run away with the money. Otherwise, if Fredmen really wants to attack us, we will be in trouble!”

Hearing this, Youngzheng Wei cursed: “Prodigal gadgets have become sellers? So anxious to sell, is the one billion family capacity sold for 200 million? This is all my life’s hard work!”

Liang Wei, the illegitimate son on the side, also nodded hurriedly and said, “Brother, Wei’s pharmaceuticals were made by our dad’s hard work all his life. How can we sell it like that.”

Barena Wei raised his hand and slapped him in the face, angrily said, “You wild species, where do you speak?”

Liang Wei, who received a slap in the face, took two steps back and covered his face. Although he felt wronged, he said very firmly: “Brother, even if you hit me, I have to say that Wei’s Pharmaceutical is the work of dad. You can’t sell it!”

“I f*cking kill you!” Barena Wei was furious and was about to attack Liang Wei.

Youngzheng Wei, who has never looked down upon Liang Wei, stopped Barena Wei, who was about to do it, and said coldly: “Your brother is right! Something went wrong, we must find a way to solve it! Instead of selling the life’s hard work and running away. !”

After finishing speaking, Youngzheng Wei snorted and said: “Today, I leave it here, you brothers, who can solve this crisis, who will be the chairman of Wei’s Pharmaceuticals in the future, the person who cannot solve the crisis is destined Inability to lead Wei’s Pharmaceuticals!”

Barena Wei suddenly panicked and blurted out: “Dad! How can Wei’s Pharmaceutical be handed over to this wild species!”

Youngzheng Wei coldly snorted: “Is it a wild species, it’s all my species! If you, the eldest son, is not able to bear it, you will abdicate to him!”

When Liang Wei on the side heard this, his heart was suddenly very excited.

I have endured all these years in Wei Jiayin, suffered all the humiliation, and finally waited for a chance to become a leader!

In fact, in Youngzheng Wei’s opinion, it is naturally impossible for the family business to be inherited by an illegitimate child. However, his eldest son Barena Wei is really not enough to be competitive, so he must be stimulated and forced to find a solution to the current crisis.


When the Wei family was looking for treatment for Fredmen all over the world, Charlie just returned to the bedroom after taking a shower.

His wife, Claire, was wearing a nightgown, lying on the bed, kicking her two white jade-like legs at will, swiping the phone in a leisurely manner.

Claire is usually too busy at work and under great pressure. Every night, playing on phone and reading novels in bed have become her biggest leisure.

As soon as Charlie lay down on his own floor, Claire suddenly screamed, and the phone in her hand was thrown out and hit his face.

Charlie couldn’t care about the pain, and asked her hurriedly: “What’s wrong with you, wife?”

Claire’s expression was extremely ugly, and said: “The YouTube suddenly pulled out a video, it is disgusting…”

Charlie said curiously: “Let me see how disgusting it is.”

With that said, he was going to get Claire’s mobile phone that had fallen on the floor.

Claire hurriedly said, “Oh, don’t look at it, it’s disgusting…”

Charlie smiled and said, “Where can the nausea be no more?”

After speaking, he picked it up and took a look, and was stunned.

Well, it turned out to be Wu Qi who liked to give girls psychological hints…

From the appearance of his hysterics in the video, he can be sure that the hypnotism he gave him worked.