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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4707 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4707 Start

She paused, then continued: “Brother…Actually…In fact,”

“The family has been able to get to where it is today thanks to Miss Fang’s care over the years…”

“So don’t hate her too much about what happened back then…”

Hogan’s expression became a little complicated, he couldn’t help asking:

“Why haven’t you told me for so many years? These things?”

The little sister hesitated for a moment and said, “Miss Fang won’t let us tell you…”

“She said that she has hurt you badly and doesn’t want to trouble you, and you will be troubled by her again… .”

At this moment, Hogan had mixed feelings in his heart.

Although he had already let go of the fact that Bella left him,

But when he heard that the other party had not forgotten his parents and family,

For so many years, his heart suddenly throbbed.

Sometimes, if the other party is heartless enough, the injured party can come out in one go.

However, this kind of state of separation is not clear,

And suddenly knowing that the other party has a little bit of position in their hearts,

That feeling is more likely to make people fall into it…

At the same time.

The Liu family has also returned to the mansion in Shi Xun Dao by car.

On the way back, Gerard and Bella were in a car, and Jemima was driving her own Tesla.

Gerard saw that his daughter was in a trance and seemed to be lost,

So he wanted her to go back with him in the car, but she refused.

Jemima was upset and wanted to be alone,

But he didn’t expect that on the way back, only Charlie was in her mind.

She unconsciously thinks about the bits and pieces since she and Charlie met.

The more she thinks about it, the more she feels that Charlie seems to have been branded in her heart.

However, when she thought that Charlie was deceiving her from the beginning to the end,

She couldn’t help but complain to Charlie a lot.

Fortunately, although she was very worried, she did not encounter any unexpected incidents on the way back,

And she drove the car home safely.

When she stopped the car, Gerard got out of the car as if he had lost his soul.

He seemed to be recovering from a serious illness and even had some inconvenience moving.

Seeing this, Bella hurriedly supported him, and asked with concern, “Gerard, are you okay?”

Gerard sighed, waved his hands weakly, and said, “Let’s go home.”

Jemima also felt a little distressed about herself. Hurried to the other side and hugged her father.

The three entered the villa, and Gerard asked them to take them to the sofa and sit down.

The moment he sat down, Gerard let out a sigh of relief, and sighed to himself:

“I have lived for more than 50 years, and today is the most terrifying day…”

Bella wiped her tears and choked up, “I’m sorry Gerard. Blame me……”

“I don’t blame you.” Gerard waved his hand and sighed:

“I have always been too mad, I always feel that a mere Hogan is just a bug in front of me,”

“As long as he appears, I can shoot him to death… …”

“But I never imagined that the all-powerful Changying Wade back then had a son…”

Bella said, “I heard Hogan talk about that Changying Wade before,”

“If I remember correctly, he seems to be the son-in-law of the An family in the United States.”

“Yes…” Gerard said with lingering fears: “Changying Wade was very famous in the Chinese circles back then,”

“But the most famous one was his wife… that she was really a bright star…”

“Anyone who mentions her will give a thumbs up…”

After speaking, Gerard added: “I thought all three of his family were dead,”

“After all, I have never heard of them, their son is still alive.”

“The news of being alive, I didn’t expect that their son is not a thing in the pool now…”

“Let’s not talk about the giant An, the Cataclysmic Front alone is already frightening…”

After a pause, he sighed: “Hogan has such a backer, I am convinced that I lost this time.”

Bella on the side said hurriedly: “Gerard, you are going to Eastcliff in a few days, and I will accompany you too.”

Gerard looked at her seriously and said: “Going to Eastcliff is very hard,”

“Charlie asked me to go to his father’s grave to repent, and I can’t leave for three months.”

“I’m afraid I’ll be sleeping in the wind, I don’t know how much I’ll suffer.”

“It’s okay!” Bella didn’t think about it and said:

“Since it is a husband and wife, it must not be difficult to be together.”