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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4706 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4706 Start

She continued “You made him ridiculed by the whole of Hong Kong, and he always hated you to the core.”

“How can he reconcile with you?” Hogan turned around, pointed at Charlie, and said to the old lady,

“Mom, thanks to Young Master Wade for helping me mediate, Gerard also reconciled with me because of his face.”

Hogan said again: “By the way, Mom, you were able to wake up thanks to the elixir that Young Master Wade gave.”

The old lady looked at Charlie. Seeing that he is so young,

She was very surprised, but she said respectfully, “Young Master Wade,”

“On behalf of our family, thank you for your kindness!”

Charlie hurriedly said, “Grandma, don’t be polite, Uncle Chen was my father’s best friend before his death,”

“And these are all things I should do.” After speaking, Charlie asked with concern,

“How are you feeling now? Are there any obvious discomforts?”

The wife was stunned for a while, and said in surprise: “Oh,”

“Listening to you… I don’t seem to feel any discomfort at all…”

After that, the old lady tried to sit up by herself, she felt that her body is very light.

Previously, because of a stroke, her whole body almost lost half of her life,

But now she can’t feel any signs of a stroke,

And her overall state is surprisingly good.

Several children were also shocked and speechless.

Since the old lady suffered a stroke, her physical condition can be said to have collapsed in a straight line.

The doctor even though that she is dying and would die in a day or two.

However, the eldest brother Hogan fed the old lady an unknown elixir.

As a result, not only did the old lady have no symptoms of a stroke,

But her whole face is radiant, which is unbelievable.

Hogan quickly looked at Charlie and asked him,

“Master Wade, can my mother be discharged from the hospital?

Charlie nodded: “Basically, there is no need to stay in the hospital for observation.”

Hogan was very excited and said to the old lady, “Mom, let’s go home! “

The old lady hurriedly said: “Don’t rush back, you finally got home for a reunion,”

“We have to go to Sand Ridge first, you haven’t come back for so many years,”

“You must go to pay homage to your father first!”

“Sand Ridge?” Hogan asked in amazement: “Dad is buried in Sand Ridge?”

That place is too remote, I remember it was the place where the Hong Kong government used to bury unidentified bodies…”

The younger brother Azur quickly explained: “Brother, you haven’t been back to Hong Kong for many years,”

“And you may not know much about the situation here. In recent years,”

“It has been difficult for ordinary people to buy a decent cemetery in Hong Kong.”

“A better cemetery costs million or even millions,”

“And now it costs 400,000 to 500,000 yuan to buy a columbarium in a better cemetery…”

Azur’s eyes reddened, and he continued. : “Before father left, the family spent almost all the money to treat him.”

“After he left, the family couldn’t afford a decent cemetery…”

“In fact, let alone the cemetery. We couldn’t even afford a columbarium.”

“It was just at the time when the Sand Ridge Cemetery was about to be developed,”

“And a batch of new cemeteries was built. With the help of Miss Fang,”

“We were able to buy a regular cemetery for father in Sand Ridge.”

“For those deceased who can only be placed in the columbarium,”

“It is very rare for father to truly be buried in the ground…”

Hogan’s little sister couldn’t help but choked: “It’s still the fault of us children.”

“I don’t have the ability… Otherwise, there is no need for Miss Fang to help,”

“Because of this incident, Gerard also scolded her…”

Hogan pursed his lips and asked subconsciously: ” Bella… Oh no, does Mrs. Liu come here often?”

Hogan’s little sister explained: “At the beginning, Gerard was very fond of her when he first married her,”

“And basically everything was up to her. So she often came to see parents.”

“Later, after father passed away, she did not dare to come blatantly,”

“And the number of visits was less. A few days ago,”

“When the mother was hospitalized. She sent some money…”