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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4703 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4703 Start

Jemima tapped gently Nodding and being polite, she watched Stella leave.

Stella took Karl out of the airport, and Karl asked a little puzzled:

“Miss, you seem to be paying attention to that Miss Liu?”

Stella smiled slightly, shook her head, and said,

“Mr. Wade gives attention to her, so I can’t ignore her.”

“Ahem… Miss, did you just say that you care about Mr. Wade’s acts and thoughts?!”

Karl looked at Stella in surprise, but she didn’t expect him to say such an understatement.

Seeing Karl’s astonished expression, Stella smiled and said,

“Master Yuan, you are a martial arts master who listens to all directions.”

“I said so clearly just now, can’t you hear it?”

Karl said hurriedly, “No. No… I just didn’t expect these words to come out of your mouth,”

“Miss, I’m a little surprised…”

Stella smiled and said seriously: “Master Yuan, don’t be surprised,”

“I’m not the only one who likes Mr. Wade, have you noticed how resentful that Miss Liu looked at Mr. Wade just now,”

“And how resentful a woman looks at a man, how much she loves him in her heart.”

Karl nodded and said with a smile, “Whatever you say? It’s true…”

Stella couldn’t help sighing: “Oh, Mr. Wade has only been in Hong Kong for two days.”

“I’m not surprised that she likes to give birth to Mr. Wade’s child in two days,”

“But she can make him feel distressed in two days. I really didn’t expect it.”

Karl asked in surprise, “Why didn’t I see that Mr. Wade felt bad for that Miss Liu?”

Stella smiled and said, “That may be because you didn’t observe carefully enough.”

Karl laughed at himself He smiled, and then asked Stella:

“Miss, since you like Mr. Wade too, then Miss Liu is your competitor,”

“Why do you take the initiative to make friends with her?”

Stella smiled: “If Mr. Wade was not married, then she is my rival in love,”

“But the problem is that Mr. Wade is already married, so she is my comrade-in-arms, my comrade, and my sister.”

After speaking, she added: “For men, there is a term called “difficult men”,”

“And she and I are considered to be difficult sisters.”

Karl was stunned by Stella’s frankness but on second thought,

This eldest lady herself is by no means an ordinary woman, and she acts in a style. It’s normal to be so straightforward.

Thinking of this, he said casually: “Miss, it is said that Mr. Wade has many confidantes,”

“The big star Sara Gi, Zhiyu Su of the Su family, and Ito Nanako of the Ito family,”

“These are the heirs of the big family just like you.”

Yes.” Stella sighed: “You said, this is only a small part of it, there are many competitors!”

“And all of them are very powerful. It seems that I have nothing but cleverness. The advantage…”

After speaking, she turned her head to look at Karl and asked,

“Master Yuan, do you think there is any way to win by surprise?”

“Cough…” Karl coughed awkwardly and said “Miss, to tell you the truth,”

“Mr. Wade is a strange person, and it is not something that someone like me can guess.”

“In terms of intelligence, you are much smarter than me.”

“If you can’t think of any way to win by surprise, I will not be able to do something about it.”

Stella said helplessly: “If it’s how to refuse a man to chase me,”

“Then I must have rich experience, but how to chase a man, I have no experience at all…”

After that, she sighed and shook her head. “Forget it, it’s a long way to go, take your time.”

Speaking of which, Stella couldn’t help but mutter softly,

“I think Mr. Wade seemed helpless when he was leaving,”

“But now he can help first. Mr. Wade and Miss Liu have cleared away their previous suspicions.”

Karl was even more puzzled: “Miss, what kind of chess are you playing…”

Stella said seriously: “It’s not playing chess, I really want to share worries for Mr. Wade.”

“I don’t have any other ideas, just give my heart to Mr. Wade,”

“Even if I don’t get on the podium in the end, at least I’m repaying my gratitude.”