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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 47 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 47 Start

Seeing that Charlie had agreed to the classmate gathering, Claire reminded Charlie, “We have to prepare some gifts for the opening of Stephen Hotel. We cannot go empty-handed.”

Charlie nodded and said, “I’ll buy a gift for him tomorrow morning.”

“Okay.” Claire said: “It just so happens that I have to go to the Emgrand Group tomorrow morning.”

Elsa asked in surprise: “Are you coming to Emgrand tomorrow morning? Then come to me when you are finished with your business. It just so happens that I will drive your car to Stephen’s restaurant at noon.”

Claire smiled and said: “Then your wishful thinking is wrong! I don’t have a car. I usually take a taxi or take a bus. Sometimes Charlie rides an electric bike to pick me up.”

“Huh?” Elsa blurted out: “You are a director, you haven’t bought a car yet!”

Claire said: “I haven’t worked for a long time, and I haven’t made any money. I usually spend money with Charlie and I have to pay for my mother’s living expenses. If I get it in one month, I can spare thousands. not enough to buy a car.”

After that, Claire said again: “Also, to be honest, I think buses are very convenient. If the weather is good, Charlie’s electric bike is also good.”

Elsa said seriously: “Sometimes you have to pay attention to ostentation. After all, you are now the director of the Willson Group, and you are the partner that directly cooperates with Emgrand. If you don’t even have a car, you will be talked about.”

Charlie also felt that Elsa was right.

My wife has always been too frugal, and most of the money she earned has been handed over to his mother-in-law, so she has always treated herself badly.

The mother-in-law is just a brave who just can’t eat. She saved more than one million to invest in unreliable financial management, not to mention two or three million to buy a car for her daughter to drive.

Thinking of this, he felt that he will have to buy a car for his wife. In this way, it would be convenient for her to go out and do errands in the future, and it would be better for her to talk about business with others.

After making up his mind, he decided to go to the 4s store early tomorrow morning to have a look

After dinner, the couple and Elsa left and took a taxi home together.

On the radio in the taxi, there are discussions about the Shangri-La Hanging Garden being chartered.

The hosts were all amazed that this was the first time in history that Shangri-La had made an exception to reserve the Sky Garden. He was also very curious about who could have such a great reputation.

The taxi driver also said: “I want to see, this person who packs the sky garden must be the god-level rich man on the YouTube short video!”

Charlie didn’t talk, but he was a little surprised in his heart!

It seems that after the news that the Hanging Garden on the top floor of the Shangri-La Hotel was reserved, it really caused a sensation throughout Aurous Hill!

This night, this matter continued to ferment throughout Aurous Hill! Soon the city is full of storms and no one knows it!

Everyone knows that the Shangri-La Hotel adopts a membership service, and only senior members have the opportunity to use the sky garden! As for the reservation, you don’t have to think about it at all. Diamond members are not even eligible!

So, who on earth contracted the sky garden has suddenly become a major issue for everyone’s curiosity!

There are rumors that the person who undertook the sky garden is the god-level wealthy who has become popular all over the country on YouTube;

Some people say that the person who has contracted the Sky Garden is an overseas rich man;

Some people even say that the person who has reserved the sky garden was a mysterious man. The reason why he did that was to hold a grand and romantic wedding.

Sure enough, the third rumor is more convincing!

For a time, there was another wave of rumors in the market!