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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4698 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4698 Start

However, no matter how depressed Gerard is, he didn’t dare to refute Charlie,

So he could only nod his head angrily and said,

“Mr. Wade don’t worry… I’ll do it next time… I’ll do it…”

Charlie said again: “Oh yes now the soldiers of Cataclysmic Front, will serve you as bodyguards and drivers.”

“This will also cost money. At that time, I will let Joseph select four soldiers,”

“And serve you in rotation every quarter,”

“And you also have to pay every one monthly payment of two million dollars, do you understand?”

Gerard could only say honestly: “I understand, the two million dollars a month must be paid on time!”

Charlie nodded and said lightly: “The third thing,”

“Immediately strip off the property rights of the snack street near the Hong Kong University,”

“From your current group structure and set up a separate company.”

“The company’s shareholders can only have one and only Miss Jemima!”

Jemima heard this. She looked at Charlie in amazement.

She didn’t know why he broached the topic of the snack street here and said that.

At this time, Charlie continued: “All the decision-making power of this snack street in the future must be handed over to Miss Liu.”

“If you dare to develop it without authorization, no matter when I find out,”

“I will let your driver interrupt your legs as soon as possible!”

“If you would be in the car, I would have the driver pull over and pull you out, breaking your legs;”

“If you would be sleeping in the bedroom, I would have to let the driver break in directly,”

“Pull you off the bed and break your legs! Do you understand?”

Gerard was so frightened that he knew that the fact that he wanted to develop a snack street angered Charlie,

So he quickly expressed his position: “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will never re-develop this snack street…”

Charlie waved his hand: “This snack street will not be yours in the future,”

“You are not qualified to say such things, all you need to do is hand over,”

“All the property rights of the street to Miss Liu.”

Speaking, Charlie remembered that Jemima’s snack street was losing money every year, so he said:

“Oh, by the way, when the property rights are divested,”

“Remember to inject 100 million US dollars into Miss Liu’s new company as operating capital.”

‘You only have the money to pay for the company, and you don’t have any decision-making power, do you understand?”

Gerard nodded like a garlic clover: “I understand… I understand!”

Charlie nodded slightly and said, “Except for this In addition to a few things, there is one last thing.”

Gerard suddenly became nervous.

He knew that the few things Charlie said just now revolved around Hogan and his daughter Jemima,

But Charlie still hadn’t given a way to punish him when he went back on his words with Changying Wade.

So, this last thing must have something to do with Changying Wade.

So, he looked up at Charlie, and said nervously, “Mr. Wade…you…you please order…”

Charlie’s voice became cold, and he said word by word:

“For ten years that I said before were 20 billion US dollars.”

“For the sake of Miss Liu’s sake, I don’t ask for it anymore,”

“But you broke the promise you made to my father,”

“So I want you to fly to Eastcliff immediately after Uncle Chen’s family moves.”

“Repent before the grave for three months. During these three months,”

“You are not allowed to leave the Waderest Mountain for food and lodging.”

“After the three months expire, you are allowed to return to Hong Kong!”

After listening to Charlie’s last order, Gerard breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, he really felt what is called the afterlife.

Since this was the last thing Charlie asked him to do,

It meant that he not only spared his life but also saved his $20 billion in property in the next ten years.

Compared to this, the compensation that needs to be paid to Hogan is almost a drop in the bucket.

As for the villa, it is just a drizzle for him.