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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4697 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4697 Start

Gerard’s entire spirit and will has long been destroyed by Charlie,

And now he has no consideration for gains or losses, and his only wish is to avoid death.

Therefore, no matter what conditions Charlie proposed, he is willing to agree without hesitation in his heart.

Seeing that Gerard had completely surrendered, and he has achieved his purpose of punishing him,

Charlie said coldly, “Gerard, listen carefully, the first thing I want you to do is,”

“To make you pay according to the salary of the highest professional manager in Hong Kong.”

“Pay Uncle Chen’s salary for 20 years, and then double the compensation,”

“One of which is for his youth loss, and the other double is for the spiritual loss of Uncle Chen’s family.”

Speaking of this, Charlie added: “That is to say, you have to pay him salary for 60 years,”

“According to the salary of the highest professional manager in Hong Kong at one time.”

“Do you have any objection?”

“I don’t!” Gerard blurted out almost without hesitation. How dare he have any objection.

According to Charlie’s order, he would have to pay a maximum of 67 billion Hong Kong dollars,

Which is less than 1 billion US dollars.

Hogan on the side quickly said: “Master Wade, I can’t accept this money…”

Charlie said seriously: “Uncle Chen, this money has two main purposes,”

“One is to make up and the other is to punish, even if you don’t need it,”

“He must pay the price even if you donate the money.”

Hogan nodded lightly when he heard this.

Charlie said to Gerard again: “The second thing I want you to do is to buy the Huo family’s villa next to your Shi Xundao mansion,”

“And give it to Uncle Chen’s family, and then personally ask Uncle Chen’s family to move there.”

“When they move, you have to invite the best emcee in Hong Kong to preside over the grandest housewarming ceremony!”

Gerard was speechless in shock.

He really didn’t expect that Charlie would make such a demand.

Hogan was originally a hurdle in his heart. For so many years,

He was eager to get rid of him, but now, instead of getting rid of him, he had to become a neighbor with him…

For Gerard, this demand was indeed unacceptable.

Hogan did not expect that Charlie would make such a demand either.

For him, he also doesn’t want to be neighbors with Gerard every day in the future.

This kind of feeling feels a bit strange when he thinks about it.

But Charlie had his own ideas.

He felt that for a villain like Gerard who did not believe in his words,

He must not be allowed to experience only this one pain today.

The best way is to keep the alarm bell ringing deep in his heart.

At this time, Gerard was extremely depressed, but he didn’t dare to provoke Charlie,

So he could only think to himself: “Dmn, I won’t live there in the future!”

“I have countless properties all over the world, as long as I move out of Shi Xun Dao,”

“Won’t you be out of sight or upset?”

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, “Okay, Mr. Wade, I will do it according to your demand…”

But how did he know that Charlie seemed to be able to read minds?

As he opened his mouth he said, “In addition, I would like to remind you that from now on,”

“You will have to live in your Shi Xundao mansion for at least 200 days every year.”

Gerard was stunned.

It’s okay to be neighbors with Hogan’s family, and he has to live for 200 days a year next to him. Isn’t this murderous?

Charlie continued at this time: “In addition, adjust your driver to another post,”

“I will transfer a soldier from Cataclysmic Front to be your bodyguard and driver,

And he will also help me monitor your daily itinerary,”

“You will be fined US$100 million if you stay one day less in Shi Xun Dao in a year.”

Gerard was speechless and in tears.

He really didn’t expect that Charlie could be so damaging,

Pressing his face to the ground and rubbing it repeatedly.