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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4695 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4695 Start

Jemima looked at her father’s terrifying appearance, a little angrily questioned Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, my father is getting old. How did he offend you? Why do you want to treat him like this?!”

In the face of Jemima’s questioning, Charlie no longer covered it up, and asked her:

“Miss Liu, do you know that your father once promised a man named Changying Wade something more than 20 years ago.”

“He said that he would not trouble another young man named Hogan Chen,”

“But not long after that, Changying Wade died unexpectedly,”

“And your father immediately broke his promise, so that Hogan hid in Chinatown in the USA for more than 20 years?”

Jemima’s eyes widened, looked at Charlie in disbelief, and asked him,

“You… what is your relationship with them?”

Charlie said lightly, “Changying Wade is my father, And Hogan Chen is my father’s friend.”

When Jemima heard that, she felt her scalp explode instantly,

Her eyes were fixed on Charlie, and she choked up:

“That is to say, you came to Hong Kong and lived in our house,”

“You didn’t come to discuss cooperation with my father at all,”

“You were deliberately approaching our family, waiting for the opportunity to seek revenge against my father…”

As she spoke, her eyes instantly turned red, and tears could not help bursting out of her eyes,

She asked softly. : “So from the first time we met until we parted at noon today, you were just acting, right?”

Charlie was suddenly stared at by Jemima’s desolate eyes, and he explained subconsciously:

“I am here acting that is true, but I’m just acting in front of Gerard.”

Jemima burst into tears and asked, “When you are in front of me, aren’t you acting?!”

“If you are not acting, why do you hide your true identity? And the real intention?!”

Charlie looked at Hogan next to him, and said lightly,

“The reason why I hide my identity and intention is to wait for justice for Uncle Chen today,”

“You should know that your father wanted to kill Uncle Chen.”

“If I didn’t come, Uncle Chen might have been assassinated after leaving the gate of this airport!”

Jemima followed Charlie’s eyes and looked over, when she saw Hogan, her whole body inevitably felt ashamed.

So, she looked at Hogan, bowed deeply, and said apologetically,

“Mr. Chen, I have heard about my father’s attempt to kill you before,”

“And I have persuaded myself over the past few years about this matter.”

“I talked to him many times, and every time he prevaricated on the grounds that your whereabouts are unknown,”

“And I only learned today from someone else that you have returned to Hong Kong,”

“So I hurried over and wanted to make it clear to my father, let him not embarrass you anymore.”

Speaking of this, she glanced at Charlie again, and said resentfully,

“It’s just that I didn’t expect that after I came here, it would be like this…”

Gerard heard this, and immediately cried and said:

“Jemima… Dad really knows what’s wrong, you and Mr. Wade beg for mercy,”

“As long as you give dad a chance to reform, dad is willing to bear any price…”

Jemima With a sigh looked at Charlie, pursed her red lips, and pleaded,

“Mr. Wade, I beg you, my father didn’t make a big mistake, don’t make him too embarrassed…”

Saying that she looked at Gerard, and added: “My father,”

“Although his behavior is not very correct and his character outside is not good, he is also very old after all…”

“And… and I his daughter knows his personality very well.”

“Although he is not a good person, he is not a villain either.”

“Compared with the real villains like Jairo, he is just a little narrow-minded and mercenary.”