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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4694 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4694 Start

Bella was also dumbfounded, and she choked: “Wade…Mr. Wade…I…”

“I… in the family have no control over the property…”

“It’s fine.” Charlie waved his hand: “You go to buy first, whatever it costs,”

“I will give you the invoice reimbursement, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money to pay in advance,”

“Call me after you’ve made your choice and I’ll arrange for someone to check out.”

Gerard became more and more frightened, he knelt on the ground,

And said with a face full of repentance: “Mr. Wade, I really regret it,”

“I beg you to give me another chance, the specific amount, we can discuss…”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Mr. Liu, there is no need to say such things again.”

“I don’t want a cent of your money. You can just go on the road steadily,”

“And you don’t have to worry about the rest.”

Gerard burst into tears in fright. He felt that if Charlie really wanted his life,

Then he would have no chance to survive at all. Even if he is worth hundreds of millions,

Joseph has 10,000 ways to kill him in one day.

Thinking of this, his desire to survive was instantly in full swing,

And he said with great pain: “Mr. Wade…I promise…I promise you, can’t I?”

“Twenty billion yuan in ten years, even if I break the pot and sell iron, I will definitely find a way to make it out.”

Charlie looked at him with great interest, and asked curiously,

“Mr. Liu, didn’t you just say that if I want your money, why don’t I just kill you?”

“Why did you change your mind so quickly?”

Gerard cried and said: “Mr. Wade, I haven’t lived enough yet… Please give me a chance…”

Charlie snorted and said, “The opportunity has been given to you just now, but you couldn’t grasp it.”

Gerard was extremely frightened and cried as he said: “Mr. Wade…”

“How do you want to be satisfied…as long as you have the next demand,”

“I will agree to whatever you want…”

Gerard cried hoarsely, not like a man in his fifties with a career. A successful old man.

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open, and a hurried voice came: “Dad, what’s wrong with you?!”

Charlie frowned slightly, and he didn’t need to turn around to know that it was Jemima.

It’s just that Charlie didn’t understand that Jemima was supposed to have a charity sale in Tsim Sha Tsui today,

But he didn’t know why he suddenly appeared at the airport.

When Gerard saw his daughter, he was overjoyed, as if he had caught a life-saving straw,

And cried and shouted: “Jemima, please save your father!”

“Mr. Wade wants your father’s life, you can say anything. Plead for your father…”

Jemima looked at Charlie in shock, and blurted out, “Mr. Wade, what’s going on here??”

Charlie turned around, looked at Jemima, and said seriously,

“Sorry, Miss Jemima, I have some old accounts with your father to settle.”

As Jemima rushed over to pull Gerard up, she stared at Charlie with wide eyes.

Then asked: “Mr. Wade, my dad said you want his life, is this true?”

Charlie shrugged and said, “Miss Liu, I didn’t want his life,”

“I just want him to give me an explanation, but he was afraid that I would ask for his money,”

“So he took the initiative to choose to apologize with his life,”

“Maybe for Mr. Liu, money is more important than life.”

Gerard did not dare to let Jemima pull him up, so quickly pushed her hand away,

Knelt on the ground again, looked at Charlie, and choked:

“Mr. Wade, money is not as important as life… Money is really not as important as life…”