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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4693 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4693 Start

Charlie’s words made Gerard so frightened that he fainted.

Bella, who was beside him, hurriedly stretched out her hand to support him,

Holding his head, shaking while shouting hoarsely in his ear:

“What’s wrong with you, Gerard, wake up, Gerard, don’t scare me…”

With Bella’s screams, Gerard woke up, the first thing he did when he woke up was to look up at Charlie and cry,

“Mr. Wade, you want my life! 20 billion in 10 years, and that too in US dollars, how can I get it…”

After speaking, he cried bitterly: “It is true that I was wrong,”

“But you can’t take advantage of the topic and ask me for so much money!”

“If you want me to give so much money, it is better to kill me directly!”

“If you kill me, my inheritance can still be left to Jemima and my other children,”

“But if I have to promise you, I and they will become nothing, and their future will be poverty!”

Charlie smiled coldly, and said lightly: “Hey, I think your idea is very good!”

After that, he said seriously: “No To tell you the truth, I am now the owner of the Wade family,”

“And I still have Emgrand Group, JX Pharmaceutical, ISU Shipping, and Cataclysmic Front in my hands.”

“There is no place to spend a lot of money. It is meaningless to ask you for this little money!”

“Besides, if I really took your money, I wouldn’t hold you accountable anymore,”

“Then I, being a son, didn’t give my father any breath, but exchanged his father’s dignity for money,”

“And I’ll be shameless in front of him when I die in the future!”

“So, the best solution for this matter is that you apologize after death,”

“Not only you have an explanation to my father, but also to Uncle Chen,”

“And like you said just now, you die now, your assets will not be affected in any way,”

“And your children will be able to get all of your inheritance, everyone is happy.”


Gerard was dumbfounded for a while.

He originally wanted to come up with a silo of sympathy-provoking words to force Charlie to lower the price.

But who would have thought that judging from Charlie’s performance, he would prefer to kill…

If so, wouldn’t the cruel words he just said hit Charlie’s heart?

Just when Gerard was so frightened that he didn’t know what to do,

Charlie said to Joseph, who was beside him: “Joseph,”

“I really didn’t expect that Mr. Liu would have such courage.”

“Since he intends to apologize with death, then you can find a solution with a suitable time to fulfill his wish!”

Joseph blurted out without hesitation: “Mr. Wade, rest assured, your subordinate will make arrangements properly!”

Gerard was almost stunned, and at this time, Charlie spoke to Joseph again,

“However, I have a request, Joseph, you must listen carefully!”

Joseph clasped his fists with both hands, and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, please order!”

Charlie said very seriously: “Mr. Liu has such courage it really impresses me,”

“So when you send him on the road, don’t make it too difficult for him,”

“It is best to let him go faster and minimize his pain,”

“Which is also my way of showing respect to him.”

Joseph immediately said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, your subordinates will let Mr. Liu go without pain!”

Gerard was so frightened that he almost turned his back,

And Charlie said to Bella at this time: “Mrs. Liu, after Mr. Liu leaves, I hope that you, as a widow,”

“Will be able to bury him in a glorious way. At that time,”

“You must arrange for the best cemetery in Hong Kong for Mr. Liu.”