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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4692 Free Novel

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Charlie looked at Gerard blankly at this time, and he had already seen through this guy’s nature in his heart.

Don’t look at him laughing with everyone all day, in fact, this old guy is a standard miser.

With Herman’s lessons learned, he can still offer a price of 2 billion in 20 years,

Which shows that he wants money, not his life.

However, Charlie didn’t really want his money.

For him, he only has two demands now, one is to make Gerard pay for the breach of his promise to his father,

And the other is to make him pay for Uncle Chen.

The second thing can be solved with money, but the first thing is definitely not about money.

He, Charlie, would not use his father’s name to go to Gerard to make money wantonly.

In Charlie’s view, the first thing is to make Gerard pay a price other than money,

Including but not limited to personality, dignity, and physical punishment.

It’s just that he didn’t want to let Gerard breathe a sigh of relief so soon.

In this matter, Gerard had to be given enough pressure to frighten him to death first,

And finally, give him a chance to breathe.

So, Charlie looked at him and said coldly, “Gerard, who do you think is more guilty between you and Herman?”

Charlie’s words frightened Gerard, even his lips were pale,

Like a dead person who had just finished painting the makeup of the living dead.

What he was most afraid of was that Charlie asked such a thing.

This also means that Charlie’s punishment for him should be based on Herman’s.

“If my guilt is smaller than Herman’s, then it’s easy to say,”

“If my guilt is greater than Herman’s, then the amount of my compensation must not be lower than Herman’s standard.”

“That’s 10 billion in ten years…and it’s still US dollars…”

“Bella has been with me for so many years, and I didn’t give her 100 million dollars.”

“This surnamed Wade suddenly came out and asked me to spend so much money.”

“It makes me feel uncomfortable even if it takes my life…”

“But… but he is so powerful, how can I provoke him?”

“Not to mention the Cataclysmic Front, I can’t even stand Jairo of Four Dragons!”

Thinking of this, Gerard trembled in fear like a sieve of chaff.

At this time, he didn’t know how to answer Charlie’s question.

Because he knew very well in his heart that he had been disrespectful to Charlie’s dead father,

By going back on his word. It stands to reason that this sin is much greater than Herman’s teaching his son!

More than double the size!

However, how could he be able to say this?

Once this is said, it will be a lot of money!

Thinking of this, Gerard, who was deeply in love with money, burst into tears,

And he begged with snot and tears: “Mr. Wade… Please look at the next one for the sake of repentance,”

“And use practical actions for the next one. The chance of redemption, I would like to kneel before your father’s grave for three days and three nights to express my repentance,”

“And at the same time, I pray that he will know better and forgive the mistakes I made when I was young…”

After he finished speaking, he looked toward Hogan said earnestly,

“I have delayed Hogan’s youth for 20 years.”

“I would compensate him for 20 years of income based on the highest income of professional managers in Hong Kong!”

Charlie laughed out loud: “Oh, Liu Sir, you are really good at calculating.”

“The highest income of professional managers in Hong Kong cannot exceed HK$1.2 million a year,”

“And you will end up at HK$4.5 billion in the past 20 years. You just said that two two billion dollars in ten years,”

“And now it’s less than a billion dollars, and you are still reporting less and less money, right?”

Gerard trembled in fright, and quickly said, “No, no, no, that’s not what I meant. Mr. Wade,”

“I am willing to go to your father’s grave and kneel for three days and three nights,”

“And then give out two billion dollars in twenty years!”

Charlie looked at him, smiled playfully, and deliberately frightened him:

“I’ll make a price, 20 billion US dollars in ten years,”

“If you agree, we’ll talk, if you don’t agree, we don’t have to talk about anything here!”