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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4691 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4691 Start

Gerard was so frightened by Charlie’s words that he almost fainted.

He secretly pondered in fear: “Herman’s prodigal son provoked Charlie,”

“And Charlie extorted 10 billion dollars for ten years.”

“I offended Charlie’s father twenty years ago, and went back on my words.”

“Looking at it this way, my sin… is more than Herman’s…”

Thinking of this, his voice was almost crying, and he pleaded:

“Mr. Wade, I blame myself for being unbelievable and going back on my word,”

“I really know what I’m wrong. Now, I am willing to fly to the grave of your father, Mr. Changying Wade,”

“Overnight to kowtow and apologize, and I am also willing to kowtow to Hogan and apologize.”

“As long as you can forgive me this time, from now on, I will never embarrass Hogan again.”

“He is my brother, if he needs me for anything, in a word, I will do my best!”

Charlie sneered: “Mr. Liu, you and I have known each other for some time,”

“Do you think I am such a talkative person?”

Gerard choked and said, “Mr. Wade, please forgive me this time for the sake of my age…”

Charlie asked him again: “Then what do you think I am such a kind person?”

“You are old, isn’t Herman old? Is his age younger than yours?”

“This…this…” Gerard saw Charlie was aggressive and seemed unwilling to accommodate him at all,

So he could only say: “Mr. Wade, please look at Jemima’s face and give me a chance to reform!”

“Jemima?” Charlie smiled and said seriously: “Ms. Jemima is indeed a good girl,”

“And she is fundamentally different from you.”

“You are a villain who can’t keep her word, but she can always keep her promises!”

After a pause, Charlie said again: “She promised the vendors at the snack street stalls more than ten years ago,”

“That she would never increase the rent, and she did it, how about you?”

“What have you done to keep the promise for more than ten years in a row? What happened?”

Gerard didn’t know how to answer for a while.

Charlie continued: “If you can say one, two, or three things about your commitment to keeping your promise,”

“I can also consider giving you a light sentence, but if you can’t say it,”

“Don’t bring Miss Jemima in here as a shield, after all, you are also a fifty-year-old old man this year,”

“And you even use your daughter as a shield when you are in trouble,”

“Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at when it spreads?”

Gerard’s expression was as ugly as a bitter gourd.

He racked his brains and couldn’t think of anything that he could really do to keep his promises.

After thinking about it, he didn’t know how to deal with it, so he could only look at Charlie, and said pitifully,

“Mr. Wade… The three things you said are all my fault, and I don’t dare to argue,”

“I just ask you to let me know how to make it up…”

Charlie said indifferently: “How to make it up is up to you, let me see how sincere you are in repenting.”

“I… “Gerard was at a loss for words, and he really let him say that he didn’t have the courage.

If there is less sincerity, Charlie will definitely not agree, and may even be angrier because of it;

If there is more sincerity, Charlie may agree, but it will be extremely painful.

After thinking about it, he hesitantly said: “Mr. Wade… I am willing to spend 100 million US dollars,”

“Every year in the next 20 years to make up for the mistakes that I have made in the past 20 years. What do you think…”

Saying that he looked at Charlie nervously, for fear that he would suddenly go wild.

A total of 20 years and 2 billion US dollars is a huge sum in the eyes of most people,

But Gerard knew in his heart that to Charlie, this was nothing at all.

In exchange for Charlie’s forgiveness, Herman agreed to spend 10 billion for ten years.

2 billion in 20 years, and 10 billion in 10 years, the difference here,

It is not just five times the relationship between 10 billion and 2 billion.

If you consider the interest rate with an extra ten-year cycle and multiple factors of ten-year inflation,

His two billion is actually one-eighth, or even one-tenth of Herman’s.

Therefore, when he took the initiative to say this price, his heart was extremely uneasy,

For fear that Charlie would turn his face immediately if he was dissatisfied.