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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4689 Free Novel

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Charlie sneered and said, “Everyone in Hong Kong knows about this,”

“Even Jairo and that coach Lin are concerned about it.”

“With the $30 million bounty you offered, you are telling me now that it is a misunderstanding,”

“Do you think I will believe you?”

Gerard was extremely nervous at this moment, and he only had one thought in his mind,

That he could not admit that he wanted to see Hogan dead, even if he lived or died

He has seen Charlie’s methods, and when he becomes ruthless, he will never show mercy.

Therefore, he could only grit his teeth and say,

“Mr. Wade, you are really wronged! This matter is all rumors,”

“Many people only know how to spread it indiscriminately, and are not responsible at all…”

Charlie looked at him, nodded slightly, and said, “Since you don’t admit it,”

“Then I’ll find someone to confront you on the spot.”

“What do you think of Jairo? Do you want me to call him over?”

Charlie looking for Jairo is even more frightening.

He couldn’t be more clear about what kind of ways Jairo has!

Not to mention anything else, he saw clearly the process of Jairo beating Herman this morning.

He knew that Jairo had now regarded Charlie as an emperor,

And he only wanted to make Charlie satisfied with everything he did.

If Charlie really called him over, he would definitely bite him without hesitation.

That hard-mouthed dog will attack him on the spot.

Thinking of this, Gerard said quickly: “Mr. Wade…this…this may be a miscommunication…”

“I did tell the people around me before that I have some feelings against Hogan.”

“I was dissatisfied, I wished I could kill him, but I never thought I would really kill him…”

Seeing that he refused to admit it, Charlie said coldly: “Gerard,”

“Do you think I flew here from the United States to have a debate with you?”

“I already know the truth of the matter, even if you don’t admit it. So what?”

“And don’t forget, you promised my father back then that you would not care about Uncle Chen and Ms. Fang,”

“But what did you do later? Why did Uncle Gu fly to find you again?”

“Isn’t it because you turned your face and broke your original promise immediately after my father died?!”

Speaking of which, Charlie raised his voice a bit and scolded:

“You clearly promised my father, but after he passed away, you immediately went back on your words.”

“Do you think I would forgive you for this kind of thing? Do you think that no one will ask you,”

“To settle the account after more than 20 years?”

Brokenhearted, he knew that even if he could argue for Hogan’s matter,

He couldn’t give a reasonable explanation for violating the agreement with Changying Wade.

He was the one who went back on his word at the beginning,

And Philip came to help Hogan to ask for calm again.

This causal exchange was done 20 years ago, and he could not refute it if he wanted to.

Frightened, Gerard’s legs softened, he threw himself on his knees on the ground, and choked:

“Mr. Wade, what happened back then was really back to back…”

“I was also misled by ghosts back then, please take a look for the sake of what happened to me back then, forgive me this time…”