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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4685 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4685 Start

Hearing this voice, Hogan trembled.

Immediately, he raised his head and faced the direction of the voice,

And was surprised to find that Charlie was looking at him with a smile on his face.

He was so shocked that he was speechless,

And he muttered after a long while, “Master Wade…you…why are you here?”

Charlie looked at Hogan and couldn’t help but be a little surprised,

Because he had not seen him for a few days and he seemed old and decadent already.

Coming to think of it, he concluded that Hogan must have been tortured recently.

So, Charlie smiled slightly, and said casually, “I’ve been here for a few days,”

“And it’s such a big thing that you wanted to come home,”

“I’m sure I can’t ignore it, I’m here in Hong Kong this time to make sure that,”

“You can return home safe and sound. That is when you get home, make sure that no one dares to touch you from now on.”

Hogan hurriedly said, “Young Master Wade…”

“Gerard Liu announced a 30 million US dollars bounty and is determined to take my life,”

“You come to pick me up at this time, it is very dangerous…”

“Nothing dangerous.” Charlie smiled, pointed to Joseph beside him, and said,

“Uncle, let me introduce to you, this is the master of Cataclysmic Front, Joseph Wan.”

“If someone dares to touch you today, or dare to stop you from going home,”

“I will definitely make him pay a heavy price.”

Joseph said respectfully: “Uncle Chen, don’t worry, here I am with Mr. Wade,”

“No one in Hong Kong would dare to do anything to you!”

Hogan was so grateful for a moment, his eyes were red,

He tried his best to hold back his tears, but he choked up: “Master Wade… I owe Master Changying’s kindness all the time.”

“There is no chance to pay it back, and now I owe you such a kindness, I am truly ashamed of myself…”

Speaking of which, he looked at Charlie and said very firmly:

“Master Wade, from now on, as long as you have a use for me anywhere,”

“You will definitely find this old bone at your beck and call!”

Charlie really wanted to bring Hogan under his command,

And let him help him manage his ever-increasing capital and industries.

But now, he just wants to help the wanderer,

Who has been away from his hometown for more than 20 years to return home safe and sound?

The rest is not important.

So, he turned around and asked Joseph: “Joseph, are all the things I asked you to prepare in advance ready?”

“Mr. Wade, everything is ready,” Joseph responded respectfully,

And immediately looked at a man in plain clothes in the crowd and winked,

And then the man immediately walked over with a 20-inch suitcase.

The man handed the suitcase to Joseph, and said very respectfully,

“Mr. Wade, the Supreme Commander, everything is here.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded and said to Hogan, “Uncle, there we have prepared a brand new outfit and a razor for you,”

“I will take you to the bathroom to prepare,”

“And then I will take you to meet the two old friends later.”

Hogan was shocked and couldn’t help asking: “Wade Young master, shouldn’t you be…”

“Could it be that you have brought Gerard and Bella under control?!”

Hogan knew that since Charlie said that he wanted to help him solve the problem of returning home,

He must have contacted Gerard in advance.

When he heard that the young man beside Charlie was the famous Joseph,

He was very worried, worried that Charlie would use violence against Gerard.