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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4684 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4684 Start

At this moment, Stella on the side said to Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, the Fei family’s shipping business has accumulated for many years,”

“And the business scale is relatively large. Recently, I want to work hard to expand in the Asian market.”

“I think simply cooperate with your ISU Shipping. If ISU Shipping has excess waybills in Asia,”

“They can be digested by the Fei family, and then the profit will be taken by ISU Shipping.”

Charlie casually said: “No problem. The export volume of China has surged recently,”

“And the demand for unilateral transportation capacity is indeed very large.”

“It is impossible for ISU Shipping to control it all.”

“Later, I will talk to Melba and ask her to integrate the transportation capacity on your side and make a unified deployment.”

Okay.” Stella smiled coquettishly: “Then thank you, Mr. Wade!”

Charlie smiled: “It’s such a small matter, you’re welcome.”

After speaking, he pointed at Joseph and said:

“If you also have the need for an armed escort, you can directly connect with Joseph.”

Stella smiled and said, “I just wanted to say, since that’s the case,”

“Then I’ll ask the person in charge of the shipping business to connect with Mr. Wan.”

Joseph clasped his fists and said, “Don’t worry, Miss Fei, I will definitely do my best here to cooperate.”

Gerard, who was next to him, was shocked when he heard this, and thought to himself,

“How can I not guess from Stella’s words, it seems that Charlie is the real boss of ISU Shipping?”

“That Melba seems to be following Charlie’s orders in doing business?”

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help sighing:

“If it really comes out to be such a big background for Charlie,”

“He can’t just be the assistant of ISU Shipping!”

“If Charlie is the behind-the-scenes boss of ISU Shipping, then his real strength,”

“I am afraid It’s much stronger than what I initially thought!”

Immediately, he looked at Charlie subconsciously, and saw that he was a talented person,

And there were two great people, Joseph and Stella, by his side, and the future was bound to be limitless.

So, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: “Hey! These are the perks of being young!”

“Just look at him! As long as a man is really capable and young, he will climb high,”

“And with his stature and progress, will he really look at Jemima’s ability!”

At this time, Gerard was all thinking about how to get closer to Charlie,

But he didn’t realize that danger was approaching.

More than ten minutes later, Joseph received a call from his subordinate and hurriedly came to report:

“Mr. Wade, the guest is coming out.”

“Oh?” Charlie immediately stood up and said,

“The distinguished guest is here. Everyone, please wait here, I’ll receive him.”

Gerard said quickly and diligently: “Mr. Wade, should I accompany you?”

“No need.” Charlie waved his hand: “You wait for me here for a while,”

“And you can accompany Miss Fei and have some chat.”

Gerard hurriedly said, “Okay, then we’ll wait for you here.”

Charlie greeted Stella, and then walked out of the VIP lounge together with Joseph,

The two came out and walked quickly towards the customs exit.

At this moment, Hogan has completed all the entry procedures.

After all, he is a legal citizen of Hong Kong, and he has not violated the laws of the land,

So after completing the formalities, he regained his freedom,

He took his luggage directly and walked out of the customs office.

At this time, Hogan was already ready for his death.

His only hope was that he would not be killed by an anxious killer after going out.

He just hoped that first, he would be able to return home to see his elderly mother.

However, he is also entangled, if he goes home by himself, will it bring death to his family as well.

Or, will the elderly mother take a bigger hit if she sees him getting killed.

Thinking of this, he made a decision in his heart.

He didn’t plan to go home. He simply will wait for the other party at the airport gate.

In this case, at least the old mother who bought him into this world will not have to see him getting killed.

After making up his mind, he stepped out of the customs exit, ready to die.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a familiar voice: “Uncle Chen, welcome home!”