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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4683 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4683 Start

With his identity as a shareholder of Hong Kong Airport, Gerard made a phone call,

And soon an airport executive rushed over.

After a while, he invited everyone to the VIP lounge on the second floor of the arrivals hall.

This VIP lounge itself is used to receive VIP customers.

Gerard had really thought about whether to prepare a lounge.

But when he thought that Stella was a distinguished guest,

He had to stand in the arrival hall and wait to be greeted,

In order to appear to be paying enough attention.

Otherwise, if he sits in the VIP lounge and waits for others to bring Stella over,

His posture will be a little too high.

After coming to the VIP lounge, he still had this concern in his heart, so he asked Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, is it inappropriate for me to sit here and wait for your VIP guest?”

“Otherwise, tell me the guest’s name. I will write a sign to go outside,”

“And wait for their arrival to meet them, you and Miss Fei can rest here!”

Charlie waved his hand and said with a smile, “Mr. Liu, don’t be so polite,”

“That distinguished guest is my elder, so of course, I will personally welcome him,”

“You can rest in the room for a while, and when I receive him, I will invite him over to meet you.”

Gerard said hurriedly and diligently, “Mr. Wade, let’s accompany you this time!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “You really don’t need to, I’ll just go there myself.”

After speaking, he no longer gave Gerard a chance to argue, and instead said to Stella:

“Miss Fei, Mr. Liu is very strong in Hong Kong. You can talk more about it.”

Stella nodded with a smile, and said, “Okay, Mr. Wade.”

Gerard hurriedly smiled and said, “Miss Fei, how many days are you going to stay in Hong Kong this time?”

Stella looked at Charlie subconsciously and smiled:

“How long I stay depends entirely on Mr. Wade. I will stay as long as Mr. Wade needs me to stay here.”

Gerard felt more and more surprised in his heart:

“It seems that Stella is not as simple as having a good impression of Charlie,”

“It is completely like falling in love! The big family woman and in charge of thousands of trillions of dollars,”

“But how can she let go of what she is doing, and come to Hong Kong from thousands of miles away,”

“And she also says that she will stay as long as Charlie wants her to stay, this… this I can’t stand it!”

This made him feel even bleaker for his daughter Jemima:

“If I were Charlie, I would definitely choose Stella…”

“In that case, wouldn’t Jemima have no chance at all?”

With emotion, he looked around subconsciously. Looking at Bella next to him, he couldn’t help thinking:

“Actually, for a man like Charlie, with such a strong strength and background,”

“There must be no only one woman, right? Maybe he is just like me in his bones, showing affection everywhere…”

“He even has a second or third bedroom outside… If that’s the case, there may be hope for Jemima!”

After thinking about this, Gerard’s heart dropped a little.

However, he immediately thought to himself: “That’s not right!”

“I am also the richest person in Hong Kong, so I can’t let my daughter be Charlie’s affair, right?”

“If it spreads out, I really don’t have a place to hide.”