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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4681 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4681 Start

Gerard and Bella, although they have reached the top of the pyramid in Hong Kong,

But looking at the world, they are still far behind.

And the strength of the Fei family is no longer on the list of ordinary rich people.

The strength already belongs to the hidden wealthy family,

And the overall strength is countless times stronger than Gerard’s.

Stella is also the head of the Fei family, and in the eyes of Gerard and Bella, it is even more unattainable.

At this moment, the mentality of the two of them is like the richest man in a small county.

They finally have the opportunity to meet the richest man in the country.

In addition to being excited, they are inevitably nervous.

Unlike the two of them, Charlie was in a very relaxed state.

With his hands in his pockets, he swaggered into the arrival hall.

In the arrival hall at this time, there were many people who came to pick up the people from the plane,

But Bella did not put on sunglasses and a mask as she did when she came to pick up Charlie with Gerard before,

And she did not have the attitude of a rich wife, as before.

At this time, Joseph turned around from the crowd,

Came to Charlie, and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade!”

Charlie nodded and asked him, “Did you find anything special?”

Joseph respectfully said Said: “No, Mr. Wade.”

Seeing that Joseph was also here,

Gerard immediately clasped his fists nervously and said, “Mr. Wan… Hello, Mr. Wan!”

Joseph glanced at Gerard and bowed slightly to him. Hands over as a response, but no words.

Joseph knew very well, don’t look at Gerard and Charlie like old friends now,

But it won’t take long for Gerard to know Charlie’s true identity,

And the real purpose of his coming to Hong Kong this time.

Therefore, there is no need to be too much frank with Gerard.

Twenty minutes later.

A beautiful figure appeared at the customs exit,

Instantly attracting the attention of many people.

Stella, who is young and beautiful and has a strong aura, walked out of it, accompanied by Karl Yuan.

Before Stella came out, she saw Charlie in the crowd at a glance,

And she waved to him excitedly, and said loudly, “Mr. Wade!”

After that, she quickly ran a few steps and came In front of Charlie.

When Stella stood in front of Charlie, a little blush appeared on her originally fair cheeks.

Don’t know if she blushed because she ran a few steps quickly or if it is because she is shy.

However, Stella’s expression when looking at Charlie was obviously filled with joy beyond words.

To Gerard, who had countless royal daughters, he could tell at a glance that this girl must like Charlie!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help exclaiming in his heart:

“What kind of virtue this Charlie has! Why even a young lady like Stella Fei,”

“Who is worth thousands of trillions of dollars, is full of admiration for him?!”

“And she is not only rich but also has the same appearance and figure.

“She is not inferior to Jemima at all, and her background is much stronger than that of ours.”

“It seems that Jemima has almost nothing in front of her. There is no chance of winning…”

Just when Gerard secretly screamed in his heart with sorrow, Charlie said to Stella with a smile:

“Miss Fei, Master Yuan, the two of you have worked hard to come all the way.”

Karl on the side said very respectfully: “Mr. Wade’s words are serious, it’s all under the responsibility.”

Stella also said seriously: “Mr. Wade who works hard,”

“It’s my honor to be able to share your worries with you.”

Stella’s remarks are even more shocking for Gerard and Bella.