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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4678 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4678 Start

Jemima was surprised and asked, “Is it Mr. Wade’s friend?”

Charlie said, “It’s a friend of mine from the United States,”

“But Miss Jemima still has a charity sale to care about, so can’t go to the airport.”

For Charlie, he just wanted to take Gerard to the airport.

If Gerard wanted to take Bella, or if Bella wanted to go with him, Charlie didn’t think there was any problem.

Anyway, the moment Hogan comes out of the airport customs this afternoon,

When he and Gerard are showing their swords, there is nothing wrong with letting his wife witness with her own eyes.

However, Charlie only did not want Jemima to follow him.

After all, after these two days of getting along, he recognized the girl Jemima quite a bit,

And Charlie didn’t want her to see his conflict with her father with her own eyes.

What’s more, when he came to Hong Kong this time and approached Gerard, he concealed something,

So he didn’t want to tear off his disguise in front of Jemima.

According to his plan, after he has properly dealt with all the problems at the airport,

He will no longer have further contact with the Gerard family.

The intersection between himself and Jemima will also come to an end after this meal.

Jemima didn’t know what Charlie was thinking. She originally hoped to go there together.

It doesn’t matter who she picks up, the important thing is to be with Charlie.

But hearing that Charlie didn’t want her to be with him, she could only nod her head and said,

“I have to go back to Tsim Sha Tsui after lunch, so I won’t be with you.”

“Alright.” Gerard didn’t think much. What’s wrong, he said with a smile,

“If Mr. Wade’s friends are willing to live in our house,”

“We can prepare a family dinner at home in the evening, and you can come together at that time.”

Jemima hurriedly asked Charlie: “Mr. Wade not going to the snack street?”

Charlie didn’t give a clear answer, but said, “Let’s see the situation in the afternoon.”

“Okay.” Jemima also knows that since there are guests coming, and it is possible to live in her home,

The plan to go to the snack street with Charlie alone may only be postponed, so she said:

“Then I will wait for your news in the afternoon.”


One o’clock in the afternoon.

After eating, Charlie and Gerard’s family of three walked out of the restaurant together.

Gerard said to Bella: “Wife, you take a car by yourself, I will take one with Mr. Wade.”

Bella agreed without hesitation: “Okay, I will take the front car.”

Charlie said to Jemima at this time: “Miss Jemima, pay attention to safety on the road.”

Jemima nodded, smiled at him, and said, “Mr. Wade remember to give me a reply in the afternoon.”

“No problem.”

Seeing Jemima sitting in the Tesla, Charlie suddenly felt a little unbearable and reluctant to part.

Regardless of whether he leaves Hong Kong after finishing his work today,

Jemima will know the real purpose of his visit to Hong Kong after the matter is over.

At that time, she will definitely be very disappointed with him,

Thinking that he was just playing on the scene for the past two days, or even deliberately deceiving her.

Charlie didn’t want her to be hurt because of what he did and going to do.

However, he also knew very well that this time, if he wanted to,

Completely solve Uncle Chen’s troubles without hurting Jemima, it might be an impossible task.

No matter what the relationship between Jemima and her father is,

He first deceived her, and this alone will definitely disappoint and hurt her.

At this moment, Charlie somewhat regretted his decision to accept Gerard’s invitation to live in his house.

If he didn’t go to Liu’s house, at least he wouldn’t have anything to do with Jemima.

And now that the boat has sailed, even if he regrets it, it is impossible to go back to square one and start over again…