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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4676 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4676 Start

Stella said without hesitation: “Mr. Wade your kindness is as heavy as a mountain,”

“I just did such a thing, so it’s hard to talk about it.”

In fact, Stella also knew that since Charlie was in Hong Kong, he would definitely keep Hogan safe and sound.

And although she said that she came to Hong Kong to ensure that Hogan is safe,

She actually wanted to come and meet Charlie.

After all, he is her benefactor, and he is the one who she thinks of day and night.

She also hopes to seize every opportunity to meet him.

And this time to come to Hong Kong, in her opinion, is the most suitable time to see Charlie now.

Charlie never thought that Stella would come, but then he thought about it,

Stella’s arrival added a bit of drama to the matter.

So, he looked at Gerard, smiled deliberately, and said,

“Since Miss Fei has come so far, I must go to the airport to meet her in the afternoon.”

“Let’s meet at the airport in the afternoon.”

The act of inviting Stella will bring trouble to Charlie and make him feel dissatisfied,

But when he said this with a smile, the big stone in his heart instantly disappeared without a trace.

She was so happy that she wanted to tell Charlie that there was no trouble,

But after thinking about it carefully, Charlie would definitely be coming to the airport to pick up Hogan in the afternoon,

And she was just dropping by. So, she said happily:

“That’s hard work, Mr. Wade, we’ll see you at the airport!”

“Okay, see you at the airport!”

Charlie deliberately made the words see you at the airport very clearly,

And then he hung up the phone, the opposite Gerard asked, “Mr. Wade, do you have a friend coming to Hong Kong?”

“Yes.” Charlie smiled and said, “Ms. Stella from the Fei family in the United States,”

“I don’t know if Mr. Liu heard about her. Have you?”

Gerard was stunned and blurted out: “…Miss Fei?! Is that Miss Fei who just took over the Fei family,”

“And became the head and chairman of the Fei family?!”

“Yes, it’s her.” Charlie smiled slightly: “Miss Fei is coming to Hong Kong to help me with some errands,”

“And will be here in the afternoon.”

In Gerard’s heart, the respect for Charlie rose to a new level.

He really did not expect that Charlie is not only the master of Cataclysmic Front,

But also has a deep relationship with ISU Shipping, and even has such close contacts with the Fei family!

He didn’t even expect that Charlie would have such a big face that,

Stella Fei could fly over from the United States to help him in person!

He knows that the Fei family is the second largest Chinese family in the United States.

Its real strength is several times stronger than that of the Li family in Hong Kong.

It belongs to the absolute top giants’ league!

Thinking of this, he became even more determined to curry favor with Charlie and strive to turn him into a son-in-law!

He thought excitedly in his heart: “I’m only worth 100 billion Hong Kong dollars,”

“And if I convert it into US dollars, it will only be more than 10 billion.”

“In front of Charlie’s strength and connections, it’s not even a hair!”

“If I can catch up with Charlie in this line, my network will expand to the world’s top!”

At this point, Gerard hurriedly said to Charlie with a face full of pleading:

“Mr. Wade, if you are going to pick up Miss Fei at the airport in the afternoon,”

“Can you please let me be with you? To be honest, I have always wanted to meet people from the Fei family,”

“And the An family in the United States, but these two families are much stronger than the next,”

“And I have never been able to find a suitable opportunity…”

The reason why Charlie wanted to say yes on the phone picking up Stella at the airport,”

“Was to better fool Gerard to go to the airport. Unexpectedly, before he even opened his mouth,

Gerard took the initiative to take the bait.

So, he smiled cheerfully and said, “Okay, it’s a small matter.”

“Since Mr. Liu wants to meet Miss Fei so much, you can come with me in the afternoon!”