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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4674 Free Novel

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After that, he pulled Tyren up and threw him to the minion behind him, and ordered:

“Watch him for me, and when you go out later, don’t let him talk nonsense.”

“Follow your orders, sect master!” The minion responded respectfully,

And then the two of them put Tyren on the left and right and took him out of Gerard’s office.

At this time, Charlie said to Bess and the other girl:

“You guys go back too, remember what you saw and heard today, and don’t tell anyone.”

Bess nodded again and again, and the other girl beside her nodded like garlic.

Bess was rescued by Charlie twice, so naturally, she would not tell anyone about him,

And the other girl who was brought with her was also full of awe for Charlie,

So she didn’t dare to offend him in the slightest.

After the two girls left, Gerard couldn’t help feeling:

“Tyren wanted to introduce two young newcomers to me today, which is really interesting,”

“But I didn’t expect that he would lose his company just by visiting me…..”

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart: “Yesterday, Charlie called Joseph Wan, to Lan Kwai Fong.”

“He could have completely crushed Jairo, but in the end, he turned away and let him go,”

“So his original intention is here… After Jairo walked back from the doorsteps of the ghost gate,”

“He is not only absolutely in awe of Charlie, but more importantly, he has become 100% obedient,”

“Leaving such a person in Hong Kong and staying, Charlie has a huge foundation in almost an instant…”

Thinking of Tyren again, he sighed even more in his heart:

“This guy is really blind, he took the initiative to deliver it to the door today,”

“Directly as Charlie’s target for a flex, it seems that if he wants to stay in Hong Kong in the future,”

“He can only be a man with his tail tucked in…”

Charlie saw Gerard’s eyes rolling, who seemed to be thinking about something in his mind.

Then he asked with a smile, “What is Mr. Liu thinking, you are so fascinated.”

Gerard came back to his senses and hurriedly said: “No…it’s nothing,”

“I just think that Mr. Wade’s move of leaving Jairo is really wonderful.”

“This step alone will revitalize your status in entire Hong Kong.”

Charlie smiled and shook his head: “Mr. Liu has a bit over-interpreted, to be honest,”

“I didn’t want to play chess in Hong Kong from the beginning to the end.”

“The idea of keeping Jairo is just to keep a dog that can bite Herman at all times,”

“So as to ensure that Cataclysmic Front can get the funds provided by Herman on time.”

“As for today’s events, I did not expect it. Thinking that Tyren would come to your office,”

“I always thought that with Mr. Liu’s character, should disdain to associate with such a person.”

Gerard hurriedly waved his hand: “Mr. Wade misunderstood, I have nothing to do with Tyren, no friendship……”

Charlie smiled and said, “I won’t mention these.”

After speaking, he asked him, “Does Mr. Liu know why I handed over Tyren’s entertainment company to Jairo?”

Gerard shook his head, subconsciously he asked: “Mr. Wade thinks he is more controllable?”

Charlie smiled and said, “No, I just simply don’t like the ruggedness of the entertainment industry.”

Charlie said again: “As far as Tyren’s business and the gossip in it, I’ve heard passively before,”

“It’s nothing more than a bunch of unsightly flies and gossip.”

“To put his business in my name is equivalent to taking a br0thel woman as a minor.”

“I really can’t afford to lose face for that person.”

“I would rather be close to a young and dangerous boy like Jairo than have any contact with most of the stars in the entertainment industry,”

“Who are different from each other. In my opinion, those rich people who immediately turn their eyes,”

“And hands to the entertainment industry and hang out with opposite-s3x stars after they become rich are generally not good.”

“The real rich people must understand what it means to be clean.”

Having said that, Charlie looked at Gerard and said with a smile:

“Mr. Liu should know better than me what the real entertainment industry is like.”