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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4671 Free Novel

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Gerard was taken aback by Charlie’s question, and subconsciously said:

“That’s… just keep him alive… even if you break his legs…”

Charlie snorted, looked at Tyren, and said, “Come on, say it yourself, what kind of life do you want me to give you?”

Tyren blurted out without hesitation: “Dog life! Save me a dog life!”

“I beg Mr. Wade to raise your hand and spare me a dog’s life!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Since Mr. Liu has also interceded for you,”

“It’s not impossible that you want me to spare you a dog’s life.”

“For the sake of being in a good mood, I’ll give you a solution.”

After that, he reminded him: “Listen carefully, I’ll only give you this solution,”

“If you agree, that’s all for today, if you don’t agree, this matter will be handled by Jairo.”

Tyren was surprised and happy when he heard this, and blurted out,

“Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will definitely agree!”

Charlie waved his hand, and faintly said: “Don’t agree so early.”

“When I’m finished, tell me whether you agree or not.”

Tyren hurriedly said, “Please tell me!”

Charlie glanced at him, then pointed at Jairo and said:

“You should draft a document now and sell your entertainment company to Jairo at a price of 10,000 Hong Kong dollars.”

“From now on, you are not allowed to step into the entertainment industry.”

“What?!” Tyren collapsed instantly and blurted out: “This is half my life’s hard work!”

Charlie frowned: “Do you mean you don’t want to accept it?”

Gerard was anxious at this time, and blurted out: “Tyren, you still care about that when your mother is dying.”

“Is it something outside of your body? Mr. Wade just wants your entertainment company,”

“And he didn’t ask you to hand over all your other assets. Why do you have to hesitate?”

Charlie looked at Gerard and said very seriously: “Mr. Liu, I don’t like hearing what you say,”

“Why do I want his entertainment company? A company with a mere two or three billion Hong Kong dollars,”

“I just feel that I am very satisfied with Jairo’s performance today,”

“So I want to fight for a little benefit for him. As I said just now,”

“I asked him to sell the entertainment company to Jairo, and I will not take any money myself.”

Gerard raised his hand and slapped himself and said in remorse:

“Mr. Wade, you calm down your anger, it’s all because of my inappropriate words!”

Jairo was overjoyed at first, but quickly calmed down, thinking to himself,

“How could this Charlie be so good? , give me this entertainment company…”

“He just wants me to be his black glove and come forward to help him hold it…”

“If I really treat this entertainment company as my own industry and act recklessly, he would just remove me instantly,”

“So, he immediately said to Charlie, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade,”

“I will definitely help you manage this entertainment company!”

Charlie frowned and said, “I’ll give you a chance to repeat it.”

Jairo was frightened his whole body trembled, and he said quickly,

“Mr. Wade, don’t worry, I will definitely run this entertainment company in the future!”

Charlie said lightly, “Don’t talk too early, I just proposed this solution, but others may not accept it,”

At this moment, Tyren felt that all his blood was dripping from his heart.

“How can I give up the foundation that I have worked hard for half my life.”

But seeing this situation today, he is already doomed.

Even Herman was not his opponent, so how could he escape?

So if he wants to survive, the only way is to agree to his conditions.

So, he couldn’t help choking and said, “Mr. Wade, I’m here… I’m willing to…”