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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4667 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4667 Start

Gerard nodded and said helplessly to the secretary, “Okay, please let him come up…”

At this time, Tyren pushed his glasses without fear,

And immediately took a few steps forward subconsciously.

In his opinion, as long as Jairo arrives, he will be invincible today.

The rest is just witnessing the torture of this surnamed Wade to relieve the hatred in his heart.

However, he was a little surprised that Charlie was still sitting on the sofa very casually,

And he was not nervous at all, as if nothing was worrying him currently.

And Gerard, who was on the side, simply sat back on the sofa at this time.

He really wanted to pull Tyren, but unfortunately,

This man was about to fall off a cliff without knowing it.

He desperately grabbed one of his hands and pulled him up first,

But he didn’t expect that he would slash back at his hand.

This is really forcing him to let go, and there is nothing he can do about it.

Soon, Jairo rushed in aggressively with more than a dozen double-flowered red sticks.

The moment the door opened, Jairo was wearing a thick mask, which surprised Tyren a little,

But he still recognized the Four Dragon’s boss at a glance.

So, he immediately went up to meet him, complimenting him: “Mr. Hong, you are finally here!”

Jairo glanced at him, and then shouted loudly,

“What kind of ignorant thing dares to be rude to Mr. Wade? ?!”

Tyren was too excited, he didn’t react for a while,

He subconsciously pointed at the back of Charlie’s head and blurted out, “Mr. Hong, that’s him! Yes! him!”

After speaking, his mind suddenly short-circuited, Looking blankly at Jairo, he asked,

“Mr. Hong, what did you just say? Wade…Mr. Wade?!”

At this time, Charlie stood up, turned to look at Jairo, and smiled: “Mr. Hong, we meet again.”

When Jairo saw Charlie, his legs suddenly became weak.

The moment his eyes met, his first thought was to kneel down.

Because Charlie is really too scary, no matter what the reason is today,

It’s always better to kneel down first and show his submission.

However, it was only halfway through that he reacted, and he thought to himself,

“I lost, this is not right! This time I came here, not to oppose Charlie,”

“I came here to gain a good impression in front of him! What the hell am I afraid of!”

As soon as he thought about it, he looked at Tyren, slapped him hard, and slapped his glasses out.

Immediately, he roared angrily: “Fcuking Tyren Yang, where do you have the courage to offend Mr. Wade,”

“You dare to quarrel with Mr. Wade! I fcuking rip off your Yang family’s ancestral tomb night,”

“If you think it is your ancestors from whom you borrowed the courage?”

Tyren never dreamed that the person whom he called would actually move his hand against him involuntarily.

So, he covered his face and blurted out: “Mr. Hong, what do you mean?”

“I came to you, and I asked you to help me deal with that surnamed Wade, why did you beat me up?!”

Jairo rushed up and lifted his hand and another slap hit him back again and again,

And then took advantage of his unsteady footsteps and flew up and kicked him to the ground.

Tyren screamed in pain again and again, but Jairo ignored him and stomped on his chest, and said sternly,

“Tyren, you really ate the guts of an ambitious leopard!”
“Mr. Wade is like a new parent to me. You want to let me deal with him! What are you looking for death?!”

Tyren couldn’t care about the severe pain all over his body, and he was instantly dumbfounded.

Give him eight more brains, and he would never have imagined that things would develop to this point.

He pondered in a panic, “What’s going on? What the hell is going on here?”

“Isn’t that Wade the assistant of a shipping company? I can understand that Gerard,”

“The old dog complimented him, but he just wanted to catch up with him.”

“The line makes more money, but why did Jairo do it for him?!”

“Moreover, this Jairo is not afraid of anything here.”

“He even said that the boy in his twenties is his reborn parents. What is the origin of this boy?”