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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4666 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4666 Start

After that, Charlie looked at Bess and asked, “The question I asked you just now,”

“You haven’t answered me yet, it was this old dog who asked you to come here dressed like this?”

Bess nodded slightly, and said shamefully, “I didn’t expect that,”

“The company would have such a requirement after signing the contract…”

“But Mr. Yang said that my contract is a ten-year full-brokerage contract,”

“And the company has paid me one million HKD in advance.”

“I have to obey the company’s arrangement. Otherwise, the company will freeze my contract.”

“At that time, not only will I not have any income, but I will not even be able to find a job. ……”

Saying that Bess’s tears kept falling, and she choked:

“And if the contract is terminated, I need to pay twenty times the liquidated damages of the group.”

“I can’t take out so much money, so I can only follow Mr. Yang’s instructions. ……”

Charlie frowned and asked: “Why do you need this million? Did you encounter any trouble?”

Bess nodded and whispered: “I originally wanted to continue studying,”

“But there was some problem at home. After some accidents,”

“I owe a lot of debt, and I can’t afford to continue my studies…”

Speaking of which, she added: “I originally planned to find a job,”

“Immediately after graduation to earn subsidies.”

“At home, I helped my parents repay their debts as soon as possible, but unexpectedly,”

“I met Mr. Yang on the street in Tokyo, and he said he was willing to sign me and make me a singer.”

“Also, he also promised the money at the time. The signing fee.”

“This signing fee was enough for me to help my family solve all the crises, so I signed it…”

Charlie continued to ask: “He signed your ten-year full brokerage contract, only for One million HKD?”

Bess hurriedly said: “Yes…but for me, one million is already a lot…I had no other choice at that time…”

Charlie nodded and asked, “If you don’t have to consider liquidated damages or family debt,”

“Would you rather be a star or continue to go to school?”

Bess blurted out subconsciously, “I want to continue to go to school…”

“Although I like music, I never wanted to be a star. After signing in here,”

“I also knew a lot of unknown insider stories in this industry.”

“I don’t think I can join forces with them. If there is a chance to choose, I am willing to go back to school…”

As she said that, her tears kept dripping and she choked:

“Actually, I have already received a master’s admission letter from the University of Tokyo,”

“But… it’s just that the situation really does not allow me to continue studying… ..”

Charlie asked her, “When will the classes start?”

Bess replied, “September…”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded and said seriously, “It is fate that you and I meet, What’s more,”

“It’s two times, I will definitely finish your affairs today.”

Tyren saw that Charlie was so arrogant, and immediately sneered:

“What a joke! She signed my company name in black and white, how could she let it go?”

“She leaves?! There are many people who want to take someone away from my company, but none of them are successful!”

Gerard said subconsciously at this time: “Tyren, you are talking nonsense with your eyes open,”

“The eldest son of the Li family. Didn’t he take a woman away from you in the first place?”

“You…” When Tyren heard this, he immediately became angry, his face flushed, and he said angrily,

“That time doesn’t count! That time It was me, who gave him face!”

Gerard shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly: “Whatever you want,”

“You are a boss, whatever you say is what you say.”

At this moment, the secretary came in again:

“Chairman, there is a group of people downstairs who want to see you,”

“And the one at the head says his surname is Hong…”

Tyren laughed: “Haha! Mr. Hong is here! Don’t let people wait, invite them up!”

Gerard gave him a pitying look, and said seriously: “Tyren, regret it now, maybe it’s too late…”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Tyren said angrily: “Now you want to plead for that kid? It’s too late!”