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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4663 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4663 Start

Charlie smiled, ignored him, turned to look at Gerard, and asked,

“Mr. Liu, are all your friends so presumptuous?”

Gerard’s liver trembled with fright, and quickly said to Tyren:

“Tyren, you…what are you talking about, apologize to Mr. Wade quickly!”

Tyren was stunned, pointing to his nose and questioningly said:

“He scolded me, you ask me to apologize to him?!”

“Gerard, I am not as rich as you, but in terms of social status, I am not much worse than you in Hong Kong!”

“Boy, what does it have to do with me? Why should I bear with him if I don’t make a fcuking dime from him?!”

Gerard was at a loss for words, but his expression was extremely anxious,

He didn’t dare to reveal Charlie’s background,

But just because he didn’t dare to say it, Tyren was even more resentful.

Just when Gerard didn’t know how to speak, Tyren looked at Charlie and roared angrily:

“Boy, go and find out, in Hong Kong, who doesn’t know that I, Tyren, am the godfather of Hong Kong’s entertainment circle?!”

“Who dare not give me Tyren Yang a face?! Even if Aaron is in front of me, he has to respectfully call Mr. Yang!”

“You fcuking little assistant, you dare to yell at me in front of my artist,”

“Today if you don’t kneel down and apologize to me, I will never let you go!”

Gerard’s frightened legs weakened, and he quickly avoided Tyren a few meters away,

Pointed to him and said to Charlie, “Mr. Wade… …. I’m not familiar with him…”

Tyren looked at Gerard’s submissive appearance, even more furious, and scolded:

“Gerard, we have been friends for 30 years, you are now saying you don’t know me well?!”

“You have so many confidantes in the entertainment industry,”

“And it’s almost all of the time me who help you connect,”

“And now you say you don’t know me well in order not to offend a little assistant!”

Speaking of this, Tyren was angry shivering all over, he pointed at Gerard and said,

“You, Gerard Liu, are also a very rich man in Hong Kong.”

“You are so rich, don’t you feel ashamed that you have to bow down for a mere five buckets of rice?!”

Gerard looked at his deadly look, scolded inwardly: “Tyren, you old ba5tard,”

“Don’t pull me in when you seek death yourself? You are here to cause trouble for me!”

Thinking of this, he with a bitter face said:

“I don’t bow for five buckets of rice, I bow for this thing around my neck,”

“If you believe me, you should quickly apologize to Mr. Wade,”

“And ask for forgiveness from Mr. Wade, otherwise, I really can’t save you!”

Tyren said coldly: “Joke! I, Tyren, have been in Hong Kong for dozens of years,”

“How can I apologize to such a hairy boy from outside?!”

“Even if he apologizes to me now, I will not forgive him.”

“He! He has to pay the price for what he said and did just now!”

After that, he took out his mobile phone and said with a sinister look:

“I’ll call Mr. Hong now! If I don’t let this kid kneel down and apologize to me today,”

“I, Tyren Yang living in Hong Kong for so many years, and I will be a worthless man!”

When Gerard heard that he was going to call Jairo, he subconsciously covered his face with his right hand and thought:

“Tyren, Tyren, you are really going further and further on the road to death,”

“I can understand if you want someone to help you, but if it was a different person,”

“It’s okay to look for someone else, but you have to look for Jairo.”

“He lost half of his life when he abused Charlie yesterday,”

“And you are going to ask him to help you clean up Charlie today?”

So he said helplessly: “If you don’t believe me, you can call Jairo and tell him directly,”

“You have a conflict with my guest Mr. Wade here, and you need to find him.”

“Come and help you here, see if he dares to help you!”

Tyren said coldly: “Mr. Hong is the head of the Four Dragons Sect.”

“He has over 10,000 minions under him. In Hong Kong, there is nothing that he can’t settle.”

“If the old man knew about you. If you look down on him so much, I’m afraid he’ll go crazy in front of you!”

Gerard was completely helpless and waved his hand:

“I said, let him come if you’re not convinced! Do you think he dares to come?”