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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4662 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4662 Start

Charlie frowned slightly. Although the girl was pretty, she really couldn’t catch his eye.

What’s more, he never liked this kind of woman who didn’t know how to keep herself restrained,

So he just nodded coldly and didn’t speak.

Gerard looked at Charlie’s performance and knew that he definitely didn’t like this kind of girl,

So he immediately said to the second girl, “You, come and say hello to Mr. Wade.”

The girl was a little timid, but Tyren coughed, her whole body trembled slightly,

And she could only bite the bullet and walk in front of Charlie, and said timidly:

“Wade…Wade…Hello Mr. Wade…I… My name is Xue…Melisa…”

Gerard was a little dissatisfied, and said coldly:

“I asked you to say hello to Mr. Wade, you don’t even dare to look into Mr. Wade’s eyes,”

“Do you know how to be polite?” The girl quickly looked up in fright at Charlie

At this moment, her expression was so shocked that she couldn’t speak,

And she blurted out subconsciously, “Ah! Why is it you!”

Charlie also recognized the girl.

Unexpectedly, when he went to Japan, near the University of Tokyo,

He met the Chinese girl who was singing on the street.

Charlie saw that she was also like the girl just now, dressed in revealing clothes,

And couldn’t help frowning and asking, “Aren’t you studying in Japan? Why did you come here?”

Gerard asked in surprise, “Mr. Wade, do you know this girl?”

Charlie nodded and said lightly: “I had a relationship with her once.”

At this time, the girl said very ashamedly: “I…I…I graduated last month…”

“I…I wanted to stay in Japan to study for a master’s degree,”

“But Mr. Yang was willing to sign me and give me an album,”

“So I came to Hong Kong to sign with Mr. Yang’s company…”

Charlie said with a bit of rebuke: “Just sing well when you sing, create a good creation,”

“And release an album, then release an album well, wearing this way to come here,”

“Is it also part of the album release?” The girl’s eyes suddenly turned red,

And she raised her collar nervously and tried her best to endure it.

She clamped her legs, choked with shame, and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Wade… I’ve let you down…”

For Charlie, she was always grateful.

Back then, when she was singing and funding her own studies on the streets of a foreign country by herself,

Charlie generously gave her all the cash.

Then, she was entangled by the Tokyo beasts, and it was him again who did justice for her.

It was only that time that she never forgot Charlie,

But she also knew that she might never have the chance to see him in her life.

Since then, she has been singing on the streets in her spare time every day,

At the risk of being retaliated by the barbarians, just to see him again in the crowd.

However, he left Japan since then and never set foot on that street again.

Now suddenly seeing him here, in addition to surprise, she is more ashamed.

Charlie glanced at Tyren. He had already heard about this old thief’s deeds.

He looked like a dog, but he was actually a beast with a human face.

So, he raised his finger to Tyren, frowned, and asked,

“Is this old thing forcing you to dress like this?”

When Tyren heard this, he immediately scolded angrily: “Who the hell are you calling an old thing?”

In the face of Tyren’s questioning, Charlie sneered:

“I’m referring to you and asking, of course, it’s you,”

“So what’s the point of asking? Does your head not process it?”

“I lost it!” Tyren was instantly furious.

He changed his previous gentle appearance and roared through gritted teeth:

“You fcuking assistant to the chairman of a shipping company,”

“You dare to talk to me like that. Do you know what my status is in Hong Kong?!”

Charlie laughed and said coldly: “I know who you are, and I see your old face on the lace news a lot.”

“I don’t want to care about your background, I just want to know if you forced her to dress like this?”

Tyren gritted his teeth and said, “Danm, as long as it’s an artist who signs with my company,”

“They’re my dog! She has to wear whatever I tell her to wear,”

“And she has to do whatever I tell her to do. Who the hell are you, you dare to question me here?!”