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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4661 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4661 Start

Soon, a middle-aged and elderly-looking man wearing glasses and very gentle looks walked in with two young girls.

The two young girls kept their heads down, probably because they were nervous, looking very restrained.

As soon as Tyren Yang came in, he first saw Gerard who was sitting on the sofa facing the door,

So he smiled very familiarly: “Gerard! Let me introduce you to the two newcomers I just signed!”

Gerard waved his hand and smiled and said: “Don’t rush to introduce them to me first,”

“Come, I will introduce you to a young and promising new friend.”

After speaking, he respectfully said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, if it is convenient for you,”

“I will introduce you!”

Tyren only saw the back of Charlie’s head, he was still wondering why this person was so rude,

When a guest came in, he didn’t even turn his head back, which made him a little unhappy.

However, upon hearing that Gerard used the title “you” for him,

He suddenly felt a thump in his heart, realizing that he must be a big man.

So, he immediately put away his displeasure and ran to Gerard.

When he found out that Charlie turned out to be a young man in his twenties,

He was even more surprised, and quickly complimented:

“Hey, I didn’t expect Mr. Wade to be so young and promising, it’s really surprising!”

Charlie looked at him with great interest, and said with a smile:

“Boss Yang, you don’t even know what I do, why are you judging me? Young and promising?”

Tyren said without hesitation: “I know Gerard very well.”

“If Mr. Wade can be his guest, then there must be something extraordinary!”

Gerard introduced with a smile: “Tyren, Mr. Wade is the assistant to the chairman of ISU Shipping.”

“This time he came to Hong Kong to discuss cooperation with me.”

When Tyren heard Gerard’s introduction, he felt a little contemptuous and thought to himself,

“I thought of him to be a great person, I didn’t expect him to be,”

“Just the assistant to the chairman of a shipping company, this Gerard is really going backward now.”

He thought so in his heart, but said very politely:

“Oh, it turns out that Mr. Wade is from ISU Shipping, and the reputation of this company is booming now!”

“To work in such a big company, Mr. Wade has a certain future with boundless opportunities!”

Gerard knew Tyren very well, and seeing him say these words, he knew that he looked down on Charlie in his heart.

However, he also knew that Charlie didn’t want others to know that he was the master of Cataclysmic Front,

So he looked at the two cautious newcomers and said to Tyren:

“Tyren, you haven’t introduced these two yet. Who is the little girl?”

Tyren said with a smile: “Come on, let me introduce you to the two of them.”

“These two are new recruits that our company just signed this month,”

“One is a new idol trainee, and the other is a newcomer.”

“A singer-songwriter that I personally dug out from abroad!”

After speaking, he greeted the two girls and said, “Quick, say hello to Mr. Liu!”

Gerard did not expect Tyren to be polite on the surface,

But when it really came to the matter, ignoring Charlie directly, so he quickly waved his hand and said,

“Don’t say hello to me, please say hello to Mr. Wade first!”

At this time, the two girls could only see the back of Charlie’s head,

And upon hearing Gerard’s words, one of them hurried over across from Charlie,

Looking at Charlie, she bowed and said, “Hello, Mr. Wade! My name is Julia Mi, it’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Charlie glanced at the girl. The girl was only about 20 years old,

And she did have a bit of beauty. But the clothes were too revealing,

On the upper body, she is wearing a low-cut suspender, and at the bottom, she is wearing a very short skirt.

At first glance, the white flowers are all fleshy.

The girl looked at Charlie’s eyes full of hints, and when she bowed,

She deliberately wanted to reveal more of her neckline.