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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 466 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 466 Start

Youngzheng Wei hurriedly said: “It is estimated that the effect of the medicine has not yet come up. You must first repair the damaged part. Only after the repair, will you regain your glory, but I estimate that after half an hour to an hour, no matter what, you can stand tall!”

Fredmen said excitedly: “If this is the case, then the time is rushed, so Willson will not bother you, and leave first.”

After speaking, he immediately left Youngzheng Wei’s house with Wendy.

When he was in the car, Fredmen was already a little uncontrollable. While driving, he fidgeted and said: “The heat is getting stronger and stronger, but it seems that it hasn’t reached that place yet…”

Wendy hurriedly said, “Didn’t the Wei family’s Patriarch say that the medicine must be repaired before it can work there!”

“Hahaha!” Fredmen said excitedly: “It’s like the game you young people play. The enemy has five seconds to reach the battlefield!”

Wendy smiled and said, “Fredmen, how long will you get to the battlefield?”

Fredmen smiled and said, “I guess it will be another half an hour, how come it should be there? Hahahaha!”

Having said that, Fredmen stretched out his arms around Wendy’s waist and said seriously: “Wendy, after I am completely healed, you should follow me. As long as you take care of me, I will protect you for the rest of your life and you will enjoy it. “

Wendy said with a charming expression: “Wendy will definitely take care of you!”

Fredmen nodded, and then said in a vicious voice: “That Charlie, this b@stard made me almost unable to be a man, I definitely can’t let him go!”

This time I planted myself in Charlie’s hands in Aurous Hill, I don’t know how many times, not only the roots were destroyed, but I also had to call him grandpa several times.

It can be said that his Fredmen’s face was lost on Charlie.

After you get better, you don’t need to be afraid of Charlie, and you don’t need to be afraid of Tianqi, just find an opportunity to kill them both!

That Tianqi is also very fcking hate, he didn’t give it to him, and threatened him with his mother, dmn it!


Soon, Fredmen drove back to Willson’s house.

After the two got off the car, they passed through the living room and went straight to the guest room on the second floor.

The Old Mrs. Willson was drinking tea in the lobby. When Fredmen was pulling Wendy back, the two hurried upstairs and couldn’t help asking Noah Willson next to her: “Fredmen has his hidden illness cured?”

“I don’t know either.” Noah Willson said, “Since the monkey went back to the room so anxiously, it feels like there is improvement.”

The Old Mrs. Willson smiled and nodded, and said: “Okay, okay! Fredmen can regain his power, and Wendy can follow him again. Our Willson Group’s follow-up investment of 70 million is another show!”

With that said, the Old Mrs. Willson hurriedly said to Noah Willson: “Go, go to their door and listen to see if Fredmen has really recovered. If he has, I will talk to Fredmen tomorrow morning. About the investment thing!”

Noah Willson said embarrassingly: “Mom, Wendy is my daughter. I’ll go to her door to eavesdrop. This is not appropriate…”

Old Mrs. Willson glared at him and said, “Can’t you tell the most important thing about the useless things? At this time, the most important thing is whether Fredmen has recovered or not!”

Noah Willson’s wife Horiyah nodded quickly and said, “Mom is right. At this time Fredmen’s situation is the most important thing. If you are embarrassed to eavesdrop, then I will go!”

Mrs. Willson looked at Horiyah approvingly, and said: “Horiyah is still courageous in doing things! In our family, women are always better than your dad. I do things better than your dad, and you do things better than usual. , Claire that unfilial granddaughter who turned her elbow out is also a bit better than Harold in doing things.”