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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4659 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4659 Start

Speaking of which, Gerard looked at Charlie and said meaningfully: “Actually,”

“The best way now is to let her mature quickly and let her have a true experience.”

“She is really going to fall in love. Once she starts falling in love,”

“The vacancy in her emotional aspect will be filled by the guy she loves.”

“At that time, this snack street which is very important to her now will be not that important anymore.”

Charlie hummed and said, “Mr. Liu, I heard from Miss Jemima that you bought the snack street and gave it to her.”

“Strictly speaking, this is her property, do you want to tear it down? In order to re-develop, she should be consulted.”

Gerard could hear that Charlie was somewhat defending Jemima,

And instead of being angry, he was extremely happy. So, he looked at Charlie and promised very seriously:

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I will definitely seek Jemima’s approval for this matter,”

“And I don’t want to tear it down and rebuild it right away, it’s better to wait for Jemima.”

“After she has found her wishful husband and started her own life, I will seek her advice.”

Then, he deliberately said very seriously: “In addition, I have already made plans,”

“And I will be here by then. All the shares in the center are used as Jemima’s future dowry, whoever marries her will be the boss here!”

Charlie smiled and said nothing. He felt that Gerard’s remarks are to attract him.

He has probably already made a plan. Even if Jemima does not agree, he will go his own way in the redevelopment.

But Charlie didn’t say more, because Gerard is in high spirits now, but in the afternoon, he will teach him how to be a man.

At that time, he will definitely make a contract with him for another thing,

And this will make him make a promise that he must not go against Jemima’s opinion in the handling of the snack street.

Afterward, the convoy drove into an office building owned by Gerard.

Gerard warmly invited Charlie to walk into his special elevator, and said to him,

“Mr. Wade, the largest entertainment company in Hong Kong, works in my building.”

“Their boss, Tyren Yang, has a very good relationship with me.”

“If you are interested in getting to know him,”

“I can let him come up in a while, and let’s have tea together and get to know him.”

After speaking, Gerard said to Charlie with an expression that he could understand,

“At least half of the female stars in Hong Kong are all signed to Tyren’s company,”

“If you are interested, I can also let them introduce some of them to you.”

For Gerard, he is a master of indulging in flowers, so even if he hopes Charlie very much to be his future son-in-law,

But he still felt that a real man should be as unrestrained and wild as himself,

And having more women is an elegant affair, and it is no big deal.

However, Charlie didn’t have any interest in female stars in Hong Kong,

He waved his hand with a cold expression, and said, “No need, Mr. Liu,”

“I have heard about the chaos in your circle, and I dare not wade into the mud without care,”

“At least I won’t take the initiative to jump into the cesspool.”

When Gerard heard this, he was stunned for a moment, knowing that Charlie must have looked down…

On the chaotic female stars in the entertainment industry,

And he was flattering and accidentally patted the horse’s leg. He said embarrassedly,

“Mr. Wade misunderstood. In fact, I don’t mix in their circle. Like Mr. Wade, I am clean!”

“Okay, okay.” Shaking his head and smiling, Gerard was a little ashamed.

At this time, the elevator indicated that it had reached the top floor,

And then the elevator door opened. Gerard said attentively,

“Come here, Mr. Wade, please come to the lower office first.”

Charlie nodded, followed Gerard out of the elevator, and then seeing the two young,

Beautiful, tall, and short skirt uniform girls at the elevator entrance,

They bowed respectfully and said, “Hello, Chairman!”

Gerard hurriedly pointed at Charlie and said to the two,

“This is my distinguished guest, Mr. Wade, quickly say hello to Mr. Wade!”

The two girls said in unison, “Hello, Mr. Wade!”