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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4658 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4658 Start

Speaking, Gerard pointed to a building on the side of the road, and said with a smile:

“This building sold a unit of 260 square meters at the beginning of the year, and it sold for 120 million Hong Kong dollars.”

Charlie smiled: ” Two hundred and sixty square meters can be sold for so much money,”

“So Mr. Liu’s property here has already exceeded 10 billion Hong Kong dollars, right?”

Gerard said with a smile: “The two office buildings I have in hand add up to almost two Fourteen billion Hong Kong dollars.”

Charlie asked again: “By the way, at what price did Mr. Liu buy Miss Jemima’s snack street?”

Gerard laughed and said, “Mr. Wade, mention that Snack Street is really an excellent investment.”

“More than ten years ago, I spent 158 million Hong Kong dollars to buy the entire street.”

“Now if I take it out for redevelopment, the land alone will be worth at least 3 billion!”

Speaking of this Gerard said to Charlie in a low voice:

“The boss of Yateng Assets has taken a fancy to that street and wants to demolish it and build a commercial center.”

“If I cooperate with them, they will invest 15 billion Hong Kong dollars to build it.”

“I used the land and out of the total shares they can give me 30%.”

“What I am talking to them now is that I will use the land for 5 billion shares,”

“And then subscribe to invest 2.6 billion.”

“I will take 51% of the shares, and I will be the major shareholder.”

Having said that, he looked at Charlie and said very seriously:

“If Mr. Wade is interested in this project, I can give you a part of the shares at a low price,”

“And we can make a fortune together.” Charlie asked, “Except for the two sides .”

“Outside the shops, there is a road in the middle, how to build a commercial center in such a place?”

Gerard smiled and said, “In fact, everything is working, the road is very narrow,”

“And it is almost occupied by the stalls at night. The function of the municipal road has almost been lost,”

“So I communicated with the planning department, and I only need to commit to investing one billion to demolish and rebuild a municipal road on the south side of the snack street area,”

“And then when the commercial center is built, it will be underground.”

“Leave an underground pedestrian passage on the floor, and then add escalators at both ends, and the project can be approved.”

After speaking, he said again: “I will invest in a municipal road, and then build a pedestrian passage.”

“At that time, if I spend a little more money, I will be able to lead an underground passage from the basement level of the commercial center to the nearby subway station.”

“By that time, this will be a commercial center with very convenient transportation, and the future is limitless!”

Charlie frowned slightly and said, “This street seems to be very important to Miss Jemima.”

“If it is redeveloped, it must be difficult for her to accept it.”

Gerard Slightly startled, then smiled: “I have dealt with women a lot, and I know more about women than ordinary men.”

“Girls, most of them are too emotional. This is also a woman’s natural weakness in character,”

“So you see, why are most of the richest people in this world men?”

“To put it bluntly, it is because men are always rational and can be truly mercenary and reckless.”

“In the market, only people who are rational and calm enough are able to make a lot of money!”

Charlie felt a little more disgust for Gerard in his heart, and said lightly:

“For Miss Jemima, there is her spiritual sustenance, and it seems inappropriate to dismantle it to make money?”

Heard Charlie’s question, Gerard said with a smile:

“Mr. Wade, this child Jemima, the biggest problem is that she has never been in love.”

Charlie frowned and said: “You wanted to open the snack street, what does it have to do with Miss Jemima?”

Gerard hurriedly said: “Look, don’t think that this child is twenty-four years old this year,”

“And she is in the age of marriage, but it is because she has never been in a relationship and has been in a blank state in terms of relationship,”

“So she has always been very nostalgic. She is in her twenties, and she still goes to the snack street to eat every day,”

“And hangs with those vendors and walkers just like when she was a child,”

“Which proves that her emotional vacancy has always been filled by missing her mother.”