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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4657 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4657 Start

At this moment, Charlie saw a relief-like expression coming from Gerard’s face.

However, he just smiled slightly, and then asked Gerard:

“Mr. Liu looks very happy, is there anything special today?”

Gerard waved his hand and said with a smile: “Haha, except for the cooperation with Mr. Wade,”

“Everything else is little things, all small things! It’s not worth mentioning!”

Charlie didn’t point it out, looked at the scenery outside the window, and said calmly:

“It rained heavily last night, and the sun is shining brightly today. It seems that something good is going to happen.”

“Yes, yes. Yes.” Gerard said with a smile: “I specially asked Master Micah Yu to do a calculation for me this morning.”

“He said that my hexagram today shows signs of purple energy coming from the east,”

“Saying that something great is about to happen.”

Master Micah Yu?” Charlie asked in surprise: “I don’t know who is the master’s name?”

“Is he related to Jinghai Yu?”

Gerard asked in surprise: “Mr. Wade also heard Jinghai Yu’s reputation as a master?”

Charlie smiled awkwardly, thinking to himself, “I don’t know if you heard that it was with Jinghai,”

“That I used a thunderclap to cut him into ashes.”

However, Charlie couldn’t say such a thing. So he smiled and said,

“I have heard that Jinghai is a very famous master of metaphysics in Hong Kong, but I have never met him.”

Gerard nodded and said seriously: “Master Yu was the most famous in Hong Kong before.”

“Master of metaphysics, almost all the rich and famous stars in the whole of Hong Kong were regulars in his family,”

“And I had a very good personal relationship with him.”

Charlie asked him curiously: “Then where is the master now?”

Gerard said: “Yu Since last year, has been looking for treasures from heaven and earth all year round.”

“Some time ago, Micah announced that Master Yu found a fairyland cave in the mainland and he retreated there to practice.”

Charlie laughed and said: “Fairyland Cave, is it possible that he wants to cultivate immortals?”

Gerard said earnestly: “Mr. Wade, Micah cultivates feng shui metaphysics,”

“And it is best to use the treasures of heaven and earth to cover feng shui.”

“It is said that when they reach a certain age, they have to retreat and practice, and Master Yu is no exception.”

Charlie smiled and nodded.

It seems that Master Micah does not know whether Jinghai is dead or alive.

In order to avoid affecting his reputation, he simply concocted a story that Jinghai was practicing in retreat.

So he asked Gerard: “Mr. Liu hasn’t said yet, what does Mr. Yu, who is fortune-telling for you, have anything to do with Jinghai.”

Gerard said, “Now the one who sits in his place is Jinghai’s son.”

Charlie nodded and didn’t ask any more questions.

Soon, Gerard’s car drove to the Central business district, the most prosperous financial center in Hong Kong.

Gerard has two office buildings in Central, the total value has now exceeded 20 billion Hong Kong dollars,

Which can be regarded as the largest part of Gerard’s assets.

However, Gerard is not a big boss in Central. The real boss is actually the Li family who have faded out of Hong Kong.

The total price of a central center in Li’s family is approaching 40 billion Hong Kong dollars.

After the two entered Central, Gerard introduced Charlie proudly:

“Mr. Wade here is the Central, the financial center of Hong Kong.”

“You haven’t been to Hong Kong for a long time, and you may not know much about it. Land price is too expensive here.”

He said with a smile: “Mr. Wade, the rent of Grade A office buildings here is almost the highest in the world,”

“60% more expensive than the famous Manhattan, New York. The ones placed here are all Fortune 500 companies without exception.”

Charlie asked curiously, “Mr. Liu should have an industry here, right?”

“Of course.” Gerard said with a smile, “I’ll tell you Speaking of Mr. Wade, housing prices in Hong Kong are already ridiculously expensive.”

“In Central, the price of a top office building is about HK$20,000 to 30,000 per square foot,”

“And 11 square feet is converted into one square meter in the Mainland.”

“That is to say, here office buildings, the price per square meter is more than 300,000 Hong Kong dollars.”