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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4655 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4655 Start

Charlie moved around in Shixun Dao and felt more and more that this place had a unique geographical location.

In Hong Kong, where every inch of land is worth the money,

In Shi Xundao he could not see the slightest congestion, and he can see that the density of mansions around Panshan Road is not too high.

Coupled with the warm and humid climate in the south, living here is not only quiet but also comfortable.

He saw the door to the mansion mentioned by Jemima was closed.

And it seemed that in this Huo mansion no one lived nowadays.

Although the facade of the house is a little old, it still looked very stylish.

Charlie strolled around, and when he returned to Liu’s villa,

Jemima just came out. Seeing Charlie, her pretty face blushed,

And she asked, “Mr. Wade, how’s it?”

Charlie smiled and said: “Very good, are you ready to go out?”

“Yes.” she smiled back and said, “I will try to do the tasks quickly today and later pick you up from my dad’s office then.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded and said: “But don’t worry, you can do your business first.”

Jemima said: “Okay, Mr. Wade, then I’ll go first.”

Charlie instructed: “Be careful on the road.”

Watching Jemima drive away, Charlie Only leisurely walked into the villa.

As soon as Gerard saw him, he stepped forward with a smile on his face,

And said with a smile, “Mr. Wade, I heard from Jemima that you are interested in buying a property in Shixundao?”

Charlie said casually, “No, no, I am just taking a look.”

Gerard said without hesitation: “Mr. Wade, Shi Xundao is definitely a good place,”

“If you are interested in the houses here, I can give you a set!”

Charlie waved his hand and said, “As the saying goes,”

“How can I accept such an expensive gift from Mr. Liu without merit?”

Gerard said very seriously: “Mr. Wade, you and I are like old friends at first sight,”

“And the little girl can get along with you very well.”

“I will give you a house so that you can come to Hong Kong for a small gathering in the future.”

Bella walked up quickly and said flatteringly:

“Yes, Mr. Wade, Gerard told me tonight that he really hopes to become a close friend with you.”

“He rarely admires others, and you are the first.”

“If you can be our neighbor, he will be very happy!”

Charlie didn’t expect that Bella’s attitude towards him would change so obviously.

Yesterday, she seemed to be a little contemptuous of him,

But today she suddenly changed her ways and began to compliment him.

However, Charlie was not surprised.

After all, she is at Gerard’s bedside. Gerard will definitely tell her what happened at Inspur bar last night,

So today she knows that he has a great background,

And her attitude has naturally undergone a 180-degree change.

So, Charlie chuckled and said, “Mrs. Liu is too polite.”

“I have no idea of settling in Hong Kong yet. Maybe, I will wait for a few years.”

When Gerard heard this, he hurriedly said,

“Hey, Mr. Wade, Now that the society is so developed, the concept of settlement has long since disappeared.”

“Even if you usually live in the Mainland, as long as you want to come to Hong Kong,”

“You can get here by plane in two hours. To be honest,”

“It is more convenient than driving to the suburbs for outings.”