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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4651 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4651 Start

The helpless Herman could only stand on the side of the road and stopped a taxi,

And took Henry, who was unconscious, to the hospital in embarrassment.

When he arrived at the hospital after the emergency doctor’s diagnosis,

It was confirmed that Henry was not having any life-threatening injuries.

This made Herman slightly relieved.

At this time, the doctor told him, “Mr. Zhong, Young Master Zhong is awake.”

Herman hurriedly entered the ward, only to see Henry, who was lying on the bed with a bruised nose and a bruised face,

And cried and shouted, “Dad…, Dad…you must ask my godfather to help me breathe out, Dad!”

The doctor hurriedly said, “Master Zhong, you have just woken up now, you must not be so excited!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a black shadow flashing around him.

Immediately afterward, Herman jumped onto the bed like crazy,

Kicked Henry with his feet, and scolded hysterically,

“You ba5tard, you have hurt me, and you have the guts to ask me to avenge you.”

“Sigh! Look, I won’t kill you today!”

Henry just woke up, full of pain and grievances all over his body.

Seeing that his father, he never dreamed that his own father would treat him as an enemy,

Who rushed up and kicked him violently!

He was in pain already, and was kicked several times by Herman,

And with each kick, he was crying and shouting, “Dad, are you crazy… What are you beating me for… “

What did I hit you for?” Herman scolded out of breath, “I hit you because you ba5tard hurt me!”

After that, Herman rode on Henry, grabbing the collar with one hand and holding the other collar with the other.

He slapped him on the face and scolded: “You ba5tard, you know that you will cause trouble to me!

“Sooner or later, I will be mad at you!”

Henry cried and shouted: “Dad… What did I do wrong… I was beaten like this,”

“It’s fine if you don’t avenge me, but why do you still beat me…”

Herman was about to explode, but he didn’t dare to tell the real reason.

He knows himself very well as a prodigal son. He likes to cause trouble for one thing, and he has no ability to be a city man.

Therefore, he could only stare at Henry and said viciously:

“Listen to me! From now on, don’t mention your beatings, let alone try to get revenge on the other party,”

“Otherwise, I will kill you with both legs interrupted.”

“I will keep you at home like a dog, and never let you go out! Do you understand?!”

Henry was frightened by his father’s fierce look.

He had never seen his father look so vicious in his life.

Although he didn’t know why his father became like this, he also faintly realized,

That he might have caused a big disaster today, so he could only endure the grievance.

Cried and nodded and said, “I understand Dad…”

Herman still couldn’t understand his resentment, and slapped him hard in the face again,

And then said to the doctor, “From now on, don’t let him leave this ward for the next two weeks!”

The doctor nodded quickly.

Herman looked at Henry again, gritted his teeth, and said, “Without my permission,”

“If you dare to walk out of this ward for half a step, I won’t have you as my on. Just go as far as you can!”

Henry shivered in fright and quickly said: “Dad, I want to see my mother… Can you let my mother come over?”

Herman scolded: “Oh yeah, cry in front of your mother, you ba5tard,”

At the same time.

When Charlie and Jemima arrived at the Liu family’s mansion in Shi Xundao, Gerard,

Who had been following behind, and also arrived at almost the same time?

Just when Charlie stopped the car and was about to unbuckle his seat belt and was about to get out of the car,

Gerard got out of the car quickly, ran to Tesla, and diligently opened the door for Charlie.