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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 465 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 465 Start

Fredmen held the bowl of deep purple medicinal soup, and couldn’t wait to bring it to his mouth, drank it!

Everyone was watching him, even Wendy was watching him.

In fact, Wendy hopes to follow Fredmen more. After all, Fredmen’s Future Company Group is larger, and Fredmen is more willing to spend money on her.

At least, she also got 5 million pocket money from Fredmen.

Following Barena Wei, he didn’t get any benefits.

If Fredmen regained his masculinity, then maybe he would really take her back from Barena Wei.

The Wei family are also paying attention to Fredmen at this time.

It can be said that Fredmen is the first real test product of this new drug.

Everyone wanted to see him work, so the Wei family sent it out!

After Fredmen drank the medicinal soup, he felt a strong heat flow between his kidneys.

Moreover, it is getting hotter and hotter!

This heat flow keeps accumulating in the lower abdomen, and then converges towards the roots…

Fredmen felt that he seemed to have an urge to raise his head, which made him ecstatic!

He couldn’t help but said excitedly: “The magical medicine, this is the magical medicine! I feel feverish and hot now, and there are great signs of recovery.”

Hearing this, Barena Wei on the side hurriedly said: “Congratulations to Fredmen for reinvigorating his glory, and his heroism!”

Youngzheng Wei was also very excited. He stood up and smiled up to the sky: “God bless my Wei family from weathering the dragon! From today, my Wei family will become the world’s top pharmaceutical company and stand on top of the world!”

After speaking, he immediately said to Professor Ke: “Professor, you have worked hard! After this medicine is on the market, I will give you a villa and give you another 50 million cash reward!”

Professor Ke was very excited and hurriedly bowed, “Thank you Mr. Youngzheng Wei!”

Seeing that Fredmen seemed to be really well, Wendy on the side whispered charmingly, “Fredmen, I am here to congratulate you…”

After speaking, she didn’t forget to give him a seductive look.

Fredmen was so unbearable by her voice that he thought that he was about to recover, so he directly said to Barena Wei: “Brother Barena, I know that Wendy has been with you for these two days, but I am recovering from a serious illness and need help from Wendy. I’ll try the medicine, so I will take Wendy away tonight?”

When Barena Wei heard this, he felt a little unhappy.

After all, he also has a certain affection for Wendy, and men have a monopoly on the things they like.

But when he thought that Wendy was given to him by Fredmen after all, now he needs a woman to accompany him to try the effects of the medicine. There is nothing wrong with returning Wendy to him for the time being, so he can only agree: “Since Fredmen has spoken. Now, my brother, naturally I won’t have anything to say.”

Fredmen nodded in satisfaction and immediately said to Wendy: “Wendy, you come back to Willson’s house with me!”

Wendy hurriedly said: “Okay Fredmen, or let’s go back now? Don’t you wait for…”

Fredmen remembered something, and hurriedly turned around and asked Youngzheng Wei: “By the way, I only feel feverish now, how long will it take to fully recover?”