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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 464 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 464 Start

Fredmen was a little moved by the scene he described, and said: “Is it so magical?”

Youngzheng Wei said earnestly: “Fredmen, the magical medicine of our Wei family is three and four times as effective as v!agra. The improved formula is even more effective, even up to ten times!”

Fredmen suddenly felt ecstatic in his heart. There was such a miraculous effect. It seemed that his root disease could be completely cured in all likelihood.

At this time, Barena Wei asked curiously: “Father, if this medicine is mass-produced, wouldn’t we be able to be sell it overseas and suppress all the foreign competitors?”

Youngzheng Wei waved his hand and said, “Of course, once mass production can be achieved, men all over the world will use my Wei family’s magic drug. There is no such thing as the so-called competitors. There will only be one male magic drug on the market. It is the magic medicine of my Wei family!”

Having said that, Youngzheng Wei said to Fredmen again: “I don’t know if Fredmen has the intention to invest in Wei’s pharmaceutical factory. If Fredmen is willing, he only needs to invest two or three billion, and can return 10 billion in income within a year! “

Fredmen was also very excited. The merchants valued profits, and he couldn’t avoid them.

If the Wei family’s magical medicine is really that powerful, it will definitely make money.

Therefore, Fredmen smiled and said: “If the effect of the medicine is real, it is only a billion investment, he can take it out at hand, but he has to see the effect of the medicine first.”

Youngzheng Wei was waiting for his words. He immediately laughed and hurriedly said: “Fredmen, the first medicine will let you experience the effect first. If you feel good, let’s talk about investment!”

However, Youngzheng Wei didn’t know that Fredmen’s illness could not be cured by ordinary drugs at all.

Moreover, although the so-called “magic medicine” of the Wei family has been improved, it is still unknown whether it is really effective or not without toxic side effects…

But at this time, Fredmen was thinking about reviving his vigor, and he could not even think about the consequences if the medicine failed.

At this time, he couldn’t help but feel a little dry, and he couldn’t wait to take Wei’s magical medicine immediately.

At this time, Professor Ke has completed the preparation of the magic medicine.

Under the action of the centrifuge, all the medicinal ingredients were separated and finally purified into a bowl of deep purple soup.

“Mr. Youngzheng Wei, the new medicine has been deployed!”

Professor Ke took the medicinal soup and placed it in front of everyone.

A faint medicinal fragrance immediately appeared in the air, which made people feel feverish and dry mouth and tongue.

It seems that this medicine is really strong!

Youngzheng Wei looked at Fredmen and said with a smile: “Fredmen, please take this medicine.”

Fredmen was already impatient, he looked at the soup with fiery eyes, and swallowed.

These days, it is too hard to endure the pain of living eunuchs.

Not only the physical pain, but also the psychological shock also made Fredmen tortured.

Fortunately, God pityed himself and let himself catch up with Wei’s magical medicine!

It seems that today he can finally regain the power!