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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4638 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4638 Start

At this time, Charlie looked at Jairo and said lightly: “There are many people who want to kill me,”

“Although some people are dead, but some people are still alive, I will never be like you just now.”

“If you want to kill others, I usually leave a way for others to live,”

“But now if you want to survive, I can also give you a chance,”

“It depends on whether you can grasp it yourself.”

Jairo was extremely excited, and regardless of the severe pain,

He couldn’t stop nodding and said, “Don’t worry, I will take every step you want Mr. Wade!”

Charlie said lightly: “First of all, I want you to dissipate all your family wealth,”

“And donate all your assets to charity, you can’t keep a penny.”

Although Jairo felt distressed, he also knew that if the money was gone,

He could make more money, but if his life is gone, he would have nothing,

So he immediately nodded and said, “No problem… I accept… …”

Charlie said again: “Secondly, today, all of your subordinates know my identity.

I am a relatively low-key person and don’t like my identity leaking out,

So it stands to reason that these people will all be silenced.”

As soon as Charlie said this, all the minions at the scene were frightened,

And many people wanted to run, but at this time a figure at the door threw back all those who wanted to run out.

Standing at the door was a five-star commander from Cataclysmic Front.

Joseph asked him to guard the door just to make sure that no one escapes.

With him alone, these little thugs had no chance of escaping at all.

Many people were severely injured by punches as soon as they ran to the door.

At this time, Charlie said coldly: “All those who intend to escape, kill them!”

As soon as these words came out, no one at the scene dared to act rashly.

More than a hundred members of Four Dragons knelt on the ground crying and begging for mercy.

Charlie looked around for a while and said loudly:

“I said it just now! I can give Jairo a chance to live,”

“And I can also give you a chance to live, but if you don’t cherish it,”

“Don’t blame me, for being rude. It’s over!”

Everyone was so frightened that they didn’t dare to speak.

At this time, Charlie said: “I will arrange for you to board the ship tonight,”

“And everyone will go to Syria to work for the Cataclysmic Front.”

“If you behave well, I will let you back in ten years,”

“But if anyone intends to escape, it is also a matter of life and death!”

When everyone heard this, they burst into tears.

Going to Syria as a coolie for ten years?!

How can these gangsters who bully people all the time around bear that kind of crime themselves?

Moreover, once they leave Hong Kong, they are not even a far.t,

Not to mention that under the command of the Cataclysmic Front,

There are tens of thousands of people, and it is not something they can afford.

At that time, they will be slaves, only to be oppressed.

Seeing that there was no response from everyone, Charlie said to Joseph:

“Joseph, since they were given a way to live,”

“But they don’t accept it, then kill them all and leave none!”

Joseph nodded without hesitation and said, “Your subordinates will obey!”

This time, the gangsters were frightened, and they started to kowtow one by one,

And they kept crying to accept it.

Charlie saw that they had accepted, so he asked Joseph:

“How many people join to Cataclysmic Front this time?”

Joseph hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, a total of 180 people join to Cataclysmic Front.”

“Most of them have been lurking near the homes of the core members of the major gangs in Hong Kong.”