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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4637 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4637 Start

Jairo was frightened by Charlie’s words, and almost suffered a heart attack on the spot.

If he followed the cruel words he just released, then Charlie would use his own way to treat him,

And he would definitely have to tear his mouth apart and then rip his tongue off.

Let’s not say whether his body can stand it or not.

Even if it can, after all this, he’s afraid he will lose half his life.

Thinking of this, he was extremely terrified, clutching his chest,

Enduring the severe pain in his heart, and crying to Charlie,

“Mr. Wade, I’m old and can’t stand the toss…”

Charlie smiled and said casually. : “Oh, it’s alright, if you can’t stand the toss,”

“Just die here. Anyway, I don’t care if you live or die.”

Jairo’s eyes were swollen from crying, he knelt on the ground and kept kowtow to Charlie,

Crying and said: “Mr. Wade, I really know I’m wrong… I beg you to raise your hand…”

Charlie couldn’t help frowning, and said coldly, “There’s no way here.”

After speaking, he looked at the man kneeling on the ground Coach Lin said indifferently:

“Nian, you were once a member of Cataclysmic Front, I can let you keep your cultivation,”

“But how you should behave is up to you.”

When Coach Lin heard this, the whole man was stunned for a moment,

And then he looked at Jairo subconsciously, and shouted angrily: “Jairo, you old dog has troubled me!”

After that, he immediately rushed up and clamped Jairo’s head with his arms,

His hands slammed violently. As soon as it was moved,

The corners of Jairo’s mouth were torn into two large openings.

Jairo screamed in pain, but Coach Lin didn’t intend to let him go, but reached out and pulled his tongue off.

Jemima’s face was pale in fright, and she blurted out to Charlie, “Charlie… this will kill him…”

Charlie took a deep breath and said to Coach Lin, “Forget it, keep his tongue, wait.”

“Let him kneel on the ground and learn how to bark.”

“Yes!” Coach Lin respectfully stepped aside, and then knelt on the ground again.

At this time, Jairo, how could he still have the arrogance and determination to kill.

He knelt on the ground, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth like a clown,

And the whole person kept crying uncontrollably.

This kind of cruelty, he has treated many people this way, but this is the first time it has been done to him.

Although Jemima had countless questions to ask Charlie, at this moment,

She couldn’t help but scold: “Charlie, don’t you think this is too much for an old man?”

Charlie turned around and looked at her and said seriously:

“Miss Jemima, don’t forget, this is what he was going to do to me just now,”

“And he also wanted my life, if I, couldn’t cover this scene today,”

“Then maybe it would have been me kneeling in front of him like that.”

“Maybe I would have died in front of you. Now I just give him a little color,”

“Which is a big discount for him, so I don’t think I did too much.”

“On the contrary, he would also like to thank me for showing mercy.”

Jairo also hurriedly said vaguely: “Miss Jemima… Wade… Mr. Wade is right…”

“It was Mr. Wade who showed mercy and spared me a dog’s life. “…”

At this moment, Jairo’s psychological defense line has completely collapsed,

And now he has only one thought, that is, no matter how much he pays,

And how much dignity he pays, he will strive to survive.

Jemima was a little stunned all of a sudden.

She understood the underlying logic in Charlie’s words.

And deep in her heart, she knew very well that there was nothing wrong with his words.

If Jairo was in power at the moment, then Charlie would definitely not be able to survive.

In contrast, Charlie was indeed very humane.