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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4635 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4635 Start

Joseph smiled and shook his head, then looked at Charlie and said respectfully:

“Mr. Wade, this old dog can bark like this, it must make you very upset, do you need your subordinates to shut him up?”

Charlie laughed: “If the dog likes to bark, let him bark, such an old dog will run away.”

“If can’t run fast, it has to bite, if you don’t let him call, he will suffocate.”

Jairo couldn’t bear it anymore, he looked at the sluggish Coach Lin and shouted angrily:

“Coach Lin, what are you doing standing there? Hurry up and kill them for me!!!”

Only then did Harmen notice the motionless Coach Lin, he couldn’t help frowning and asked, “You are…

Linjay Lin?” These words seemed to wake him up in an instant from the chaos.

Then, he knelt on the ground with a thud, and said in a very respectful trembling voice:

“Subordinate Linjay Lin… See the Supreme Commander! See the white-robed tiger king! See the blue-eyed wolf king!”

Coach Lin suddenly knelt on the ground, causing everyone present except Charlie,

and members of Cataclysmic Front to be stunned as if struck by lightning!

You know, Coach Lin is definitely a unique top presence in Hong Kong.

The city of Hong Kong is not that big, and despite the fact that the place itself is a mixed bag,

In the eyes of many martial arts masters, this is simply not a qualified place to live.

Take the gang members in Hong Kong as an example, they are far from being so awesome in the movies.

In front of the real gang, they are just a bunch of minions playing in the mud.

The gang members here have committed something. Taking an hour-long boat ride to Tai O is considered a runaway.

If they tell the truth, they will be laughed at by people outside.

This is also why many Chinese gangs go to Japan or farther North America to develop.

The reason is that there is really no room for development here.

It is precisely because of this that Coach Lin could become at the top of the pyramid,

Of the combat effectiveness among the members of the entire Hong Kong gangs.

Even a veteran like Jairo had to be respectful when facing Coach Lin.

But it is such a person who is like a star holding the moon, but suddenly knelt down to others,

And the whole person trembled like Parkinson’s, which simply subverted everyone’s views.

These people were speechless, and Jairo was even more frightened.

He was an old man after all. Unlike other people who lost their ability to think,

He immediately caught what Coach Lin emphasized.

“Supreme Commander… What Supreme Commander?! Could it be that this person… is the Supreme Commander of Cataclysmic Front?!”

Thinking of this, he was already scared and scattered, his eyes fixed on Coach Lin. , I hope to get a clear message from him.

At this moment, Joseph looked at Coach Lin, frowned slightly, and asked coldly, “Are you a member of Cataclysmic Front?”

Coach Lin lowered his head and said in a very ashamed manner:

“The master of the palace…subordinate…subordinate…subordinate was once a member of Cataclysmic Front… ..left the Cataclysmic Front two years ago…”

Joseph asked, “Why did you leave?”


Speaking of which, Coach Lin Stoped talking.

He didn’t have the face to talk about his past being expelled from the Cataclysmic Front in front of Joseph.

Joseph saw that he was submissive and hesitating, and shouted sharply:

“You used to be a member of the Cataclysmic Front, but you are like a waste with your head down and submissive. How indecent! Raise your head!”

But Coach Lin is trembling all over.

However, Joseph’s coercion forced him to raise his head and meet Joseph’s torch-like gaze.

At this moment, his whole body was emotionally broken, and he burst into tears:

“Supreme Commander…it was your subordinate who violated the discipline of Cataclysmic Front,”

“So I was expelled from Cataclysmic Front…subordinate. In the two years since I was expelled,”

“There is not a day when I am not eager to return to the Cataclysmic Front,”

“And I also hope that the Supreme Commander will be kind to me,”

“So that this subordinate can continue to serve the Cataclysmic Front…”