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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4633 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4633 Start

“Call someone?!” Coach Lin snorted coldly

He continued: “Why? Do you want to find a helper?!”

Charlie laughed: “It’s not a helper, you don’t want to know about Henry Zhong.”

“Where is he? I can call now and arrange for someone to bring him in.”

Jairo sneered: “Boy, you are so fcuking dead that you don’t even know it,”

“You think you can call and find two helpers to come here, and you can escape safely?”

“Let me tell you, on my site, even if the king of heaven comes, he will not be able to take you away!”

Charlie smiled: “I don’t need anyone to take me away when I finish cleaning up the old dog,”

“You will walk away from here by yourself,”

“And then you will kneel on the ground, crawl like a dog, and bark like a dog to send me out.”

“Fcuk you!” Jairo was completely furious, he pointed at Charlie,

Yelled at Coach Lin, “Kill him! Immediately! Immediately! Now!”

Herman, who was on the side, panicked, and he quickly said to Jairo:

“Godfather, you can’t act rashly for the time being, godfather!”

“After all, Henry is still with him. In his hand, I heard what he meant,”

“It seems that he has accomplices outside to meet up,”

“If we act rashly, maybe the other party will attack Henry!”

Herman is most worried about the safety of his son, and until he sees him.

He didn’t dare to let Jairo really treat Charlie the way he wanted.

After all, in case Charlie gets in a hurry and his accomplices take things into their own hands, outside,

Then his precious son would be gone.

Jairo also knew that Henry’s life and death had to be confirmed now,

Otherwise, if something happened to Henry, then Herman’s promise of $60 million over three years would definitely be in vain.

So, he looked at Charlie and said coldly: “Boy, if Henry can come back safely,”

“I will let you die with ease! Otherwise, I will let you die with excruciating pain!”

Charlie smiled lightly: “You just wait….”

After that, he took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Joseph.

Let him go directly to the Tesla at the entrance of the bar,

And after the car is unlocked, he will bring Henry in, from the trunk.

Then, he said to Jemima next to him:

“Miss Jemima, your car should be able to be unlocked remotely, right?”

Jemima nodded lightly, and asked with some doubts, “Charlie, who did you ask for help? ?”

Charlie said casually: “A friend, you don’t have to worry, just unlock the car.”

“Okay…” Jemima took out her mobile phone and remotely unlocked the car.

At the door, Joseph brought the two battle commanders of the Cataclysmic Front,

And was already standing in front of Tesla waiting.

After the vehicle was unlocked, he opened the trunk and saw a comatose guy lying inside.

He said to Harmen Lu beside him, “Harmen, you carry him.”

Harmen pulled Henry out with one hand and carried him on his shoulders.

Afterward, the three of them swaggered into the Inspur Club.

The minion in charge of guarding the door immediately stopped them and said loudly:

“There is no business here today, please leave!”

Joseph frowned slightly, looked at him, and asked, “Are you sure?”