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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4629 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4629 Start

When Gerard saw that Jairo began to play a hooligan,

He knew that it was impossible to reason with the other party about this matter.

So, his expression gradually calmed down, and he asked,

“Mr. Hong, how do you want to solve this matter? Just give me a straightforward statement.”

Jairo looked at Gerard, then at Jemima, cold With a snort, he said,

“Mr. Liu, don’t say I’m joking here, I know that your daughter didn’t hurt members of my Four Dragons,”

“She also did not hurt my godson, so you only need to come out with ten million and you can take her away.”

“Ten million?!” Gerard blurted out as if his tail had been stomped on,

“Did you make a mistake, Mr. Hong, you said it yourself, my daughter didn’t do anything.”

“You have to take 10 million without doing anything, you are too big to talk!”

Jairo sneered: “What? A mere 10 million should be nothing to you, Mr. Liu, right?”

“But the other way around For me, it is different.”

“Thousands of people in my Four Dragons are waiting to eat. Without money,”

“They can only go to the streets to beg for food; without money,”

“They can only do things what people like you don’t want them to do!”

“Do you think you only need to give me an explanation?”

“You want to give me an explanation for the entire Four Dragons here!”

Jairo has long since mastered the means of threatening others.

Gerard is not a fool either.

The meaning of Jairo’s words is nothing more than bringing Four Dragons as a threat.

Although he is rich and powerful, the more rich and powerful people like him,

The more afraid of those who want money or life.

Now that his daughter has given Jairo a handle for money,

This means he may not be able to take her away without bleeding any blood.

So, he gritted his teeth and said, “Mr. Hong, I won’t say more nonsense.”

“Ten million dollars is too much. If I pay two million, this is the end of the matter here. What do you think?”

“Two million?” Jairo said disdainfully: “You are treating us like beggars,”

“Do I have the words “beggars” written on my face?!”

Gerard sat next to Jemima and said, “Two million in dollar, if it is still not enough,”

“Then I will let you, Mr. Hong, deal with it today,”

“And you can do whatever you want to relieve the hatred, and I can watch it.”

Don’t look at Gerard’s usual cheerful smile, but he also has a strong street color in his bones.

He knew very well that if he was taken advantage of in front of Jairo today,

Jairo would treat him as an ATM in the future as well.

He must show some boldness today, but he must not make him 100% satisfied,

He must let him know that he is also temperamental.

Jairo really did not expect that Gerard, a billionaire, would actually play tricks with him.

He now looks like a dead pig that is not afraid of boiling water,

Which immediately makes Jairo feel a little tricky.

Although he is the master of Four Dragons, he does not dare to openly do something to Gerard.

After all, after the Li family went to the UK for development, the richest person in Hong Kong is almost Gerard.

If he really did something to him today, the whole of Hong Kong would know tomorrow,

And then he would definitely be criticized and berated,

And the Hong Kong Police would definitely not sit idly by under pressure.

Therefore, he really did not dare to do anything to Gerard.

So, his expression softened a little and said with a smile:

“Mr. Liu really has the courage, I appreciate it!”

Gerard snorted and said, “Mr. Hong, whether it’s okay or not, please give me a word.”

Jairo nodding his head said, “Mr. Liu, I don’t speak secretly. Today’s matter we settle in five million.”