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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4627 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4627 Start

At this time, Gerard had just had dinner in his mansion and came to the pool with a cigar and a bathrobe.

Beautiful Bella was wearing a b!kini by his side.

She hadn’t worn a b!kini for a long time, was somewhat uncomfortable, and said,

“Gerard, there are guests at home. You let me dress like this, and it’s not good to be caught?”

Gerard said carelessly: “What are you afraid of?”

“The man surnamed Wade is having dinner with Jemima, and they definitely won’t come back too early.”

Bella was helpless and asked him, “Why do you have to swim at night?”

“Where did you get such a good interest.”

Gerard was cheeky and smoking a cigar, he smiled at her and said:

“I just heard that the United States will soon send back Hogan.”

“If they hurry, maybe he will be there early the day after tomorrow!”

Bella’s expression turned pale, and she blurted out: “Gerard… You really can’t let him go?”

Gerard glared at her and asked coldly, “Why, you still want me to spare him?!”

Bella was caught by his eyes Frightened all over,

She shook her head quickly and said, “No… I didn’t mean that…”

He said coldly: “In the future when I mention this person,”

“Listen to me, if you want to it’s best to follow this rule,”

“Keep in mind my opinion when expressing your opinion, otherwise, shut up!”

Bella could only nod her head and said: “Okay…I see…”

Gerard’s expression seeing this got a little easier,

He took off the bathrobe, stretched out his foot to test the water temperature,

And then jumped in with a thud, setting off a massive splash of water.

As soon as he entered the water, the cell phone he placed beside the reclining chair rang.

Bella glanced at it and said, “It’s Jemima’s call, do you want to answer it?”

“Take it.” Gerard swam to the edge of the pool a little clumsily,

Stretched out his hand, and took his mobile phone from Bella’s hand.

“Hello.” As soon as he answered the phone, he asked with a smile,

“Jemima, have you finished eating with Mr. Wade?”

Jemima blurted out: “Dad, we have a problem,”

“We are in Lan Kwai Fong now, can you come over?”

Gerard frowned: “What’s wrong?!” Jemima said helplessly:

“Mr. Wade had some conflicts with the people from Four Dragons because of me,”

“But they surrounded us and wanted to do something, I have no choice but to call you.”

“A conflict with Four Dragons?” Gerard suddenly had a big head like a dolphin,

He blurted out: “This Mr. Wade is not good at this, what does he have to bump into people from Four Dragons?”

“Doesn’t he know that Four Dragons is the most notorious dog skin plaster in Hong Kong?”

“If it sticks on, at least a layer of skin should be torn off!”

Jemima said seriously: “I already said that Mr. Wade started it with them because of me.”

“If it weren’t for Mr. Wade, I might have encountered an accident now!”

When Gerard heard this, he sighed helplessly and asked,

“Okay, okay… tell me where you are, I’ll come right now!”

Jemima said: “We are at the Inspur Club in Lan Kwai Fong.”

“Inspur Club?” Gerard frowned: “Isn’t that the place of Four Dragons?”

“It’s the only place you should not go and you are in there now!”

Jemima asked him, “Are you coming or not?”

“Coming, I’ll come.” Gerard was extremely helpless,

But he could only open his mouth and say: “Tell the person on the opposite side not to act rashly, I’ll come over now!”

After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone and climbed up from the pool in embarrassment

“What happened to Gerard?” Bella was surprised

He cursed and said: “There is a conflict with Four Dragons.”

“Dmn, Jairo is a mad dog. Anyone who passes by him will have to take a bite.”

“Jemima and that Wade have offended him, and I am afraid that I will have to bleed.”