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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4626 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4626 Start

Charlie smiled slightly: “Isn’t it, you’re going to hack people as soon as you come up?”

“Isn’t it boring if the climax entered so quickly?”

Jairo looked at Charlie with a sinister expression and said:

“Boy, you really are one of a kind! You don’t even pay attention to me, what’s your background?”

Charlie snorted: “What’s my background, you don’t deserve to ask,”

“Don’t you want to solve the problem? Now I’ll give you a solution to the problem.”

“As the boss of Four Dragons, you condone your younger brother to do evil,”

“And for the sake of your age, you bow and apologize here today, and I don’t need to pursue this matter.”

After that, he pointed to Herman beside him, and said coldly,

“You are Henry’s father, right? Your son was plotting against Miss Jemima today,”

“But as a father, you have no way to shirk teaching your son, so the responsibility is inevitable,”

“So if you now Kneel down and kowtow three times to Miss Jemima, I can stop holding you accountable.”

Charlie’s remarks made Jairo and Herman angry enough.

Especially Jairo, he has been out all his life, and he has never met someone as arrogant as Charlie.

So, Jairo said to Coach Lin angrily, “Coach Lin! I want you to tear this kid’s mouth to pieces!”

“The corners of both sides of his mouth torn to the roots of his ears, I’ll see how hard his mouth can be!”

Coach Lin Immediately clasped his fists with both hands: “Yes!”

After saying that, he frowned when he looked at Charlie, and he was about to rush forward.

Charlie saw his cultivation level, a mere three-star fighter, in his eyes, was inferior to a dog.

If he really wants to use his hands and kill him with one punch,

It is much easier than not killing him because it is difficult to control his strength,

In the face of such a fighter, a little bit of aura will beat him to death.

At this moment, Jemima suddenly stood up, and said in front of Charlie,

“Mr. Hong, I have something to say! My friend’s brain is not tuned to the facts,”

“Don’t get angry, I can let him know about this matter.”

“Dad will come to solve it, and I will give you a satisfactory answer!”

When Jairo heard this, he immediately stopped Coach Lin, then looked at Jemima with great interest,

And asked with a smile, “Miss Liu, are you sure your father can deal with this?”

“For a satisfactory answer, I have a great appetite.”

Jemima gritted her teeth and said firmly: “I can ask my dad to come over and have a talk with you!”

“But the premise is that you can’t touch him, otherwise there is no point in talking about it!”

Jairo nodded and said with a smile: “I also admire Mr. Liu very much. Although I have met several times before,”

“I have never had the opportunity to make deep friendships.”

“Since Miss Liu said so, I might as well take this opportunity to talk to him. Get to know Mr. Liu.”

Herman, who was beside him, said quickly: “Godfather! You have to ask Henry’s whereabouts quickly!”

“Henry’s life and death are unknown now, if something happens, it will be over!”

Jemima said subconsciously: “Henry is not in danger!”

Herman blurted out: “Then where is he?!”

Jairo interrupted Herman at this time, and said,

“Herman, don’t be so excited. Since Miss Liu said that Henry is not in danger, he must be fine.”

After that, he smiled. Looking at Jemima, he laughed and said,

“Miss Jemima, please call your father, I’ll be waiting for him here.”

“Okay!” Jemima took out her cell phone without hesitation.

At this moment, Charlie wanted to stop her.

After all, in his opinion, this matter is not that troublesome,

Either by himself or by letting Joseph come in and put these people on the ground.

After they are put on the ground, then at this venue and at this opportunity,

Come to the court to try the case, Jairo, Herman, Henry, and even Coach Lin in front of him,

One is counted as one, and let each of them experience what is called the disaster of extinction.

However, seeing Jemima trying to protect him from disasters over and over again, he was somewhat moved.

Just as Jemima wanted to call Gerard over, Charlie thought,

He might as well use the donkey down the slope to give Gerard a chance.

If he can really do some good affairs, then Uncle Chen’s affairs,

He can think of Jemima’s act and treat her father a little more leniently!