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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4623 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4623 Start

For a while, the members of Four Dragons in entire Hong Kong received a message,

Which was to find the whereabouts of Jemima, the eldest lady of the Liu family.

But most people did not expect that Jemima was sitting in a nightclub run by Four Dragons at this time.

The waiter just brought the set menu drinks ordered by Charlie,

And the nightclub manager also stepped forward and said respectfully,

“Distinguished guests, I’m Kevin, the manager of the store. You can tell me directly if you have any needs.”

Charlie looked at him, and waved his hand: “Okay, go ahead and do your work first.”

The nightclub manager nodded quickly and said, “Okay, sir, then I won’t bother you.”

After speaking, he turned around and returned to the bar,

And his phone immediately received a message from Four Dragons.

When he saw that Four Dragons, in the name of the sect master Jairo,

Asked all the Four Dragons’ disciples to find clues about Jemima and a young man,

He reported the news almost without hesitation.

Soon, Coach Lin received feedback that the person he was looking for was actually in Four Dragons’ own nightclub in Lan Kwai Fong!

Coach Lin did not dare to delay and immediately reported the news to Jairo.

After Jairo heard about it, the whole person was very angry, and said coldly:

“This girl named Liu and that unknown boy are really good enough!”

“They tied my godson, and they dared to go to my nightclub.”

“Drinking really broke the ground on Tai Sui’s head, don’t they fear the death!”

Herman couldn’t wait to hear this, and said, “Godfather, hurry up and ask your subordinates,”

“To arrest these two people and force them to find out my son’s whereabouts!”

Jairo waved his hand and said lightly: “This matter can’t be rushed, don’t forget,”

“Jemima is Gerard Liu’s daughter.” Herman was angry, and said sternly:

“What about Gerard? Isn’t he just someone with a little more money than me? Are you afraid of him?”

Jairo snorted coldly: “Of course, I won’t be afraid of him. His daughter participated in the kidnapping of my grandson.”

“Doesn’t this mean that the God of Wealth knocked on the door to send money?”

“How could I miss such a good opportunity?”

Then it dawned upon Herman.

It turned out that Jairo wanted to take the opportunity to knock Gerard for some free money.

As Jairo said, Gerard’s daughter is involved in this matter, thus it is impossible to get rid of this matter so easily,

And Jairo happens to be his and his son’s godfather, which gives him a full excuse to go to Gerard for an explanation.

At that time, he will definitely have to spend a large amount of money to settle things…

Thinking of this, Herman couldn’t help but scolded:

“This immortal man can really seize every opportunity to make money!”

“My son is out! Not only do I want to give him money, but he also uses my son as a reason,

To blackmail others into giving money… The money will make this immortal earn money!”

Although Herman was very annoyed in his heart, he didn’t dare to show it,

Any disobedience, so he quickly asked: “Godfather, what are you going to do now?”

Jairo laughed, stood up, straightened his Tang suit, and said with a smile:

“Since they have already arrived at my nightclub,”

“Then It’s the turtle in the urn, we can have a good time with them.”

After that, he said to his subordinates: “Inform Coach Lin and let him take someone to the nightclub first,”

“But don’t startle the snake, just make sure that the other party can’t escape.”

“The rest for me, I will deal with the rest in person when I arrive.”

Herman exclaimed: “Godfather, do you want to go too?”

“Of course!” Jairo laughed: “I will not only go in person but also take Gerard.”

“Call him too, I want him to tell me in front of me how much he is willing to spend to solve the problem!”