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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4622 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4622 Start

Seeing this card, the waitress and Jemima were extremely surprised.

Especially Jemima, compared to the waitress who just thinks the black gold card is very powerful,

She is the most aware of the gold content of the black gold card.

Without more than 10 billion cash in the account, it is impossible to get this black gold card.

For her rich second generation, it is not surprising that tens of billions of assets are a normal thing.

After all, her father’s assets are almost 100 billion Hong Kong dollars,

But the difficulty lies in the tens of billions of cash assets.

If according to what Charlie said, he was working in ISU Shipping,

Then even if the entire ISU Shipping is handed over to him, he would not have such wealth.

Therefore, this also made her more curious about Charlie’s true identity.

The waitress came over with the POS machine diligently,

And after swiping the card for Charlie, she immediately reported this news to the manager.

The first news is that the famous Jemima Liu actually came to their club;

The second news is that the man who came with her actually held a top black card;

The third news is that Jemima and the man look like it’s a couple’s relationship between them.

After the manager heard about it, he immediately ordered the waitress to serve him well.

At the same time, he also subconsciously took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Henry Zhong.

Everyone knows that Henry has been pursuing Jemima, but it seems that Jemima already has a man.

Therefore, he planned to report the news to Henry as soon as possible.

However, when he called Henry, he found that the other party couldn’t get through.

In desperation, he sent a message, and then he didn’t pay much attention to it.

At the same time.

Coach Lin has already led people to Honghualing.

When they saw three cars parked on the side of the road, they immediately,

Found the trail of everyone walking into the forest, so a group of people rushed in immediately.

It doesn’t matter if it’s gone, the tragic situation in the mountains and forests made everyone,

Including Coach Lin, struck by lightning!

The famous Jim brother was leaning against a tree with a thick bowl at this time, wiping his tears in despair.

The rest of the younger brothers were all lying on the ground and moaning constantly.

Each of them had broken bones in many places, and they couldn’t even crawl.

Coach Lin was startled and quickly asked Jim, “Jim, this… what’s going on here? Where’s Young Master Zhong?!”

Jim choked and said, “Coach Lin… You must avenge us, Coach Lin…”

Coach Lin frowned and immediately asked, “Where is Young Master Zhong? Mr. Zhong is waiting for news at the moment!”

Jim hurriedly said: “Master Zhong is kidnapped by a boy from the mainland!”

“That boy seems to be able to fight and fight like a pro, his strength is better than mine,”

“We are not his opponents, only you, only you can handle him…”

Coach Lin said coldly, “It’s the key! Who is that kid, what is his origin,”

“What clues can I find for him as soon as possible, and is the young master still alive?

Jim blurted out: “Master Zhong was knocked unconscious and kidnapped by him.”

“He should be still alive. As for that kid, I don’t know who he is. “

Speaking, he remembered something, and hurriedly said:

“By the way, Coach Lin, that kid came with Jemima Liu, the eldest lady of the Liu family!”

As long as you find her, you will definitely find that kid!”

Jemima…” Coach Lin frowned, and asked in a cold voice,

“I looked at the surveillance camera, Young Master Zhong came here in your car, why did you come here?”

Jim explained: “Master Zhong asked us to drive and track that Jemima and that adulterer,”

“So we drove all the way here. Master Zhong wanted us to kill that kid,”

“But I didn’t expect him to be stronger than us.”

Coach Lin nodded and said coldly, “You guys wait here first, my priority now is to find Young Master Zhong as soon as possible!”

After that, he said to the Four Dragons’ disciples who had followed him, “Follow me!”

Jim hurriedly shouted: “Coach Lin, take us with you too!”

Coach Lin said coldly: “We don’t have time to deal with your affairs now,”

“You wait here first, and I will have someone call and bring an ambulance for you!”

After that, he walked back, took out his mobile phone, and called Jairo.

After Jairo on the other end of the phone learned what happened, he immediately ordered:

“Coach Lin, in my name, you immediately ask all Four Dragons children to find Jemima,”

“And the whereabouts of that boy in Hong Kong. If you have any clues, you must first Hurry up and save my godson!”

Immediately, he gave a slight pause and said coldly,

“You must arrest the kid who hurt my godson, and then contact me, I will see it with my own eyes. Watch him die!”