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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4620 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4620 Start

Herman’s heart was trembling.

“Sixty million dollars in three years, that’s nearly five hundred million Hong Kong dollars!”

“Five hundred million!”

Seeing Herman’s depressed expression, Jairo said with a smile,

“Herman, do you still remember when you offended Bobby Sang,”

“And Bobby sent three or four hundred men with knives to find you all over Hong Kong,”

“To hack you to death? If it wasn’t for my shot that time, you would have died on the street!”

After speaking, Jairo said again: “How much I got hurt at that time!”

“Although I persuaded Bobby not to oppose you, but in order to help you to solve this trouble completely,”

“I still invited Bobby out and took him to see the gods with a belt.”

“Bobby’s body and my belt are still sealed in the foundation of the Jiulongtang overpass!”

“I did all of it for you. At these times, were you as embarrassed as you are now?”

“Were you as hesitant as you are now?!”

Herman couldn’t help trembling when he heard this.

Back then, when his business had just picked up, Bobby, relying on his background on the road,

Insisted on coming in and taking him with a knife.

He didn’t agree, and Bobby let out a message to make him look good.

However, at that time, Bobby never wanted to kill him, he just wanted to give him an arm.

At that time, when he asked Jairo for help, he didn’t want to kill Bobby at all,

He just wanted Jairo to come forward to reconcile and let Bobby stay away from him.

However, Jairo made his own decision and killed Bobby directly,

And threw his body into the foundation poured at the overpass construction site.

Since then, whenever Jairo needs Herman’s help, he will use Bobby to talk about it.

The subtext is nothing more than a warning to Herman that he has such a handle in his own hands.

In the beginning, Herman was not afraid, after all, it was Jairo who killed the man,

And he never said that he wanted him to kill Bobby.

However, Jairo, the old fox, had already recorded a recording.

In the recording, Herman really begged Jairo to help him solve the trouble of Mourning Bobby.

And Jairo threatened Herman with this recording.

As long as he released the recording, everyone would think that it was Herman who asked Four Dragons to kill Bobby.

As for Four Dragons’ side, all you need to do is to find a top-notch younger brother to confess his guilt,

And then Jairo’s responsibility can be completely eliminated.

Herman is now a successful businessman. Even if the police can’t convict him based on the recording,

Once this incident is exposed, his reputation will be completely stinky.

Therefore, this incident became the only magic weapon used by Jairo to blackmail Herman.

It was also at that time that Herman realized how cruel a person like Jairo would be in order to pull others into the water.

The reason why he killed Bobby was that he regarded Bobby as a bargaining chip,

To threaten him for a long time. As long as he killed Bobby,

He would not be able to get off his pirate ship in his life…

The deeper the matter he thinks about it, the more it makes Herman’s back cold.

However, he has now been completely grasped by Jairo.

With his social status, he cannot let his reputation be ruined no matter what,

And Jairo also has this handle, so he can eat people without spitting bones.

Herman had no choice but to hold back his hatred. He gritted his teeth and said,

“Okay! Sixty million for three years! I’ll give it!”

Jiro gave a sinister smile, “My good son! It’s not in vain that I have escorted you for so many years!”

“You can rest assured that as long as the frozen meat business can become bigger and stronger,”

“My Four Dragons’ financial situation can be completely relieved,”

“And at that time, you will not need to come back for relief. I’m an old bone!”