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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4619 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4619 Start

Herman knew that he would inevitably have to bleed again this time.

However, now that his son is missing, he has to rely on Jairo for help,

So he can only ask respectfully: “Godfather, tell me, what kind of help do you need from me?”

“As long as I can help, I will do my best.”

Jairo is satisfied now. He nodded and sighed,

“You know the best way to repay your gratitude!”

He sighed and said, “Hey! Recently, my frozen meat smuggling business has indeed seen a little improvement.”

“But this business is not as easy as I imagined, especially the loss of frozen meat in the process of arriving,”

“The anti-smuggling department has been keeping an eye on this, and we have lost a lot of goods,”

“So I want you to help me register a Shipping company,”

“With your reputation in Hong Kong, your shipping company must have a lot of room for operation,”

“And you can help me bring in some goods.”

Herman was shocked and blurted out: “Godfather, after so many years, I have finally cleared myself up.”

“Now you ask me to go back and register a company to do smuggling. If any incident happens, I will be finished!”

Jairo waved his hand and comforted: “Herman, don’t be so excited. I don’t mean to let you do this yourself.”

“After you register the shipping company, you can operate some legitimate business normally.”

“I will arrange for someone to carry frozen meat in your normal transportation.”

“Under normal circumstances, There will never be no accident.”

“Once an accident happens, you just need to find someone from your subordinates to be your scapegoat,”

“And classify these into his personal name. Say that he is greedy,”

“And used the company’s resources to engage in smuggling. Isn’t it all right?”

Herman listened to this with a cold sweat and said, “Godfather, I am not unwilling to help,”

“But this kind of thing is really too risky for me, and you also know that the media in Hong Kong,”

“They like to dig deep and expose and engage in big events…”

Speaking, Herman gritted his teeth and said with great distress:

“Godfather, why don’t you do this, Four Dragons is in financial difficulties now,”

“Since you have found me, I will definitely not stand by and watch, in the next three years,”

“I think as for how you use this money, it is up to your own preferences!”

Jairo fiddled with the wrench on his hand with a dark face, and sighed,

“Herman, you are the real deal! Filial piety! Give me three years and 30 million dollars for this rotten old man in one sentence,”

“And I can’t find a godson as filial as you on the whole of Hong Kong.”

Speaking of which, Jairo changed the topic and said seriously:

“If I just am a bad old man, then this money must be enough for me to die,”

“But don’t forget, I still have thousands of mouths waiting to eat, this amount of money is not enough for me.”

“In addition, I used to only focus on buying and selling goods, regardless of delivery,”

“And a lot of profits were taken away by the people in the delivery link,”

“So I wanted to make it twenty or thirty big flights, do the delivery myself,”

“And take Four Dragons’ Profits are maximized! Buying boats and providing labor,”

“Why do you have to spend tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars.”

Herman’s expression was startled, and he was already scolding the sky:

“Jairo, you ba5tard! You are still not satisfied with the 30 million dollars given to you in three years?!”

“You fcuking old man, with such a big appetite, you are not afraid of dying!”

But now, Herman didn’t dare to make trouble with Jairo. So he said, “Tens of millions of dollars, this is really my limit.”

“You also know that in the current economic downturn, the cash flow of all walks of life is very poor,”

“Most of the assets have been reduced to non-performing assets, and there is no chance to realize it.”

“I am also today in the same situation. It is very difficult!”

Jairo raised his eyebrows and said, “Herman, our family doesn’t speak two words,”

“You give Four Dragons 60 million US dollars in three years and 20 million in one year,”

“In return, I guarantee that no matter what your needs are, as long as you speak,”

“The upper and lower doors of Four Dragons will be used by you!”