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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4618 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4618 Start

Coach Lin clasped his fists in both hands, and said loudly,

“Sect Master, don’t worry, Lin must go all out!”

After speaking, he said to the two: “Sect Master,”

“Mr. Zhong, I will leave first, and I will tell the two of you as soon as there is news!”

Coach Lin turned and left, seeing Herman’s anxious face, Jairo comforted him:

“Herman, you don’t have to worry too much, I believe that no one in Hong Kong would dare to do anything to them.”

Herman said with a bitter face: “Godfather, to tell you the truth, even if the black chicken is not suspected,”

“I am afraid that there will be other desperadoes who want money or what not. Kidnapped Henry for ransom!”

Jairo waved his hand: “Herman, it doesn’t matter if someone from outside kidnaps Henry,”
“Coach Lin is a three-star warrior I dug with a lot of money,”

“And with him, no matter who dares to harm Henry, I want him to die without a burial place!”

Herman asked in surprise, “Three-star warrior?! Godfather, where did you invite such a true fighting god?”

Jairo smiled slightly and said arrogantly:

“Coach Lin used to be a three-star warrior in the famous Cataclysmic Front.”

“Two years ago, he was expelled from the Front for violating discipline.”

“Since then, he has come to Hong Kong and wants to open and make a living in the martial arts hall,”

“And there were some conflicts with my subordinates. At that time, I went there with six men,”

“And he abolished five in one breath. He was brought under my command.”

After speaking, Jairo looked at Herman and said seriously:

“Look, a three-star warrior, in my place, is a great god, I have to make offerings every day,”

“But Four Dragons’ income is not very good now. I’m optimistic,”

“The economic pressure here is also very high, and next, I have to ask you to help me more.”

Herman sighed in his heart.

He had never known that there was a three-star warrior sitting here with Jairo, and he was very worried right now.

After all, the strength of the three-star warriors is strong. If they are used as killers,

They can definitely kill people invisibly. This means that once he and Jairo are torn apart,

He is likely to let himself die without knowing it.

Therefore, Herman couldn’t help shrinking his neck, and immediately said:

“Godfather, why are you being so polite to me!”

“If there is anything I can help you with, you can just say it.”

After speaking, he deliberately pretended to remember something, he said in surprise:

“By the way, Godfather, Gerard Liu, didn’t he put 30 million US dollars in head bounty and plan to kill Hogan Chen who gave him a green hat?”

“Since the Coach Lin is already a great Martial artist, let him come forward,”

“The 30 million US dollars is not as easy as searching for something?”

Jairo snorted coldly: “I’m not angry if you don’t say this, Coach Lin is indeed very interested in this matter,”

“But today he had already greeted me in the afternoon, saying that this was his personal act,”

“If he succeeded, then the 30 million US dollars of bounty has nothing to do with Four Dragons, it belongs to him alone.”

Herman frowned and said: “There’s such a thing?! Then this Coach Lin is too arrogant, right?”

“What’s more, he is a Four Dragon person, how can he bypass Four Dragons and act alone?”

Jairo said very angrily: “In order to clear up the past with him and let him use it for me,”

“I did agree to many of his requests, the most important of which was that he did not want to officially join Four Dragons,”

“But using the Coach’s advice. In the name, he was hired to train men for Four Dragons,”

“And he also demanded freedom to come and go at his will, I can’t stop him,”

“So now he wants to snatch Gerard’s bounty by himself, I have no fcuking way to stop him!”

“Tsk… …” Herman couldn’t help frowning, and said with emotion:

“It seems that this person is really not so controllable!”

While speaking, what he thought in his heart was, since this Coach Lin has not officially joined Four Dragons,

And he is more in love If he has money, then he may be able to find an opportunity to contact him in the future.

If he can convince him then he can use him for himself, it will be even better.

Jairo didn’t know what he was thinking, so he just took the opportunity to cry and said:

“Herman, I originally thought that after winning the $30 million bounty this time,”

“Four Dragons’ economic situation would have a relatively large link,”

“But now it seems that I’m afraid this matter is going to fail.”

After speaking, he raised his head to look at Herman, and said seriously:

“Herman, with Four Dragons’ current difficulties, I can only rely on you to help!”