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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4617 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4617 Start

Herman is also a human being, and he understood what Jairo meant in an instant,

But he was not in the mood to care about it at this time, and hurriedly said:

“Godfather, why don’t you send some subordinates to help me check,”

“I… I’m really afraid that something will happen to this kid,”

“He has never had a phone call before switched off before.”

Jairo said in a big way: “Don’t worry, Herman, leave this matter to me,”

“And I’ll send someone to investigate. As for his whereabouts,”

“Tell me what time he left in the afternoon,”

“And I’ll have people check it from the moment he left,

And I’ll be able to follow the clues and find his whereabouts!”

Charlie and Jemima ate almost the same and started to cut the cake,

Four Dragons’ younger men had already found Henry’s Rolls Royce in the underground parking lot in Tsim Sha Tsui.

At that time, when Henry and his henchman and others tracked Charlie and Jemima together,

He thought he was smart and did not drive his Rolls-Royce.

After all, the Rolls-Royce was too eye-catching, and he was afraid that Charlie would find out in advance.

However, he, who was lying in Jemima’s trunk at the moment,

Never dreamed that Charlie had noticed them long before they set off.

When Four Dragons’s men found Henry’s Rolls-Royce,

They reported to Jairo while calling for surveillance in the parking lot,

Looking for clues after Henry left the Rolls-Royce.

At this time, the anxious Herman also came to Jairo’s house and waited for news from him.

Soon, the frontman returned the message, Henry actually got into the car of henchman Jim,

Along with Four Dragons, and left the parking lot with Jim and his men!

When the news came back, Jairo immediately instructed a middle-aged man beside him:

“Coach Lin, please contact Jim and ask where this kid is now.”

The person called Coach Lin immediately nodded and then picked up the phone,

Found the number and dialed it.

However, there was a prompt tone that the other party could not be connected temporarily on the other end of the phone.

Coach Lin frowned and said, “Sect Master, Jim’s cell phone should not be in the service area.”

“Go!” Jairo blurted out, “Go to Jim’s younger brother and ask where they are!”

Coach Lin immediately ordered. The orders were conveyed layer by layer,

The result was that all the members of Four Dragon’s men,

Who appeared in the video with Jim, without exception, all had disappeared.

When Herman heard this, he subconsciously said:

“Godfather! Could it be that black chicken turned against the water and deliberately kidnapped my son for ransom?!”

Jairo waved his hand: “You don’t have to worry that it was the black chicken who kidnapped Henry,”

“The black chicken’s I know the situation very well, this kid’s whole family is in Hong Kong, he doesn’t have the guts.”

Coach Lin on the side said sharply: “Sect Master, Mr. Zhong, I suspect that there must be some kind of accident with young Mr. Zhong and Jim.”

Jairo said coldly, “I don’t believe it, there are still people in Hong Kong,”

“Who dare to touch my godson and my subordinates! Who is so bold?!”

Coach Lin said, “Sect Master, I have already sent people to follow up.”

“Jim and the others have a small moving line of vehicles,”

“Hong Kong is not big, they should be able to find out their whereabouts soon!”

“Okay!” Jairo said immediately: “Coach Lin, you have to do it yourself! In an emergency,”

“I am afraid that only you, Coach Lin, can handle it with ease.”