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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4616 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4616 Start

However, Henry has been out since afternoon, and he has not come back,

And the phone cannot be reached, which makes him very anxious.

In the past few years, as Herman’s business has grown bigger and bigger,

He actually really wanted to get rid of his relationship with Four Dragons,

But Jairo is also a clever man, so he didn’t want to be treated by Herman as a night pot,

As he would take it to urinate when he wanted it.

And when he’s not using it, he thinks he’s stinking and wants to kick it away.

Herman also realized that Jairo has now regarded himself as a cash cow,

Just like he used to regard him as a backer, and is unwilling to let go of him for life or death.

Therefore, he could only try his best to find a way to stabilize Jairo.

Jairo recently made a lot of money in the business of smuggling frozen meat,

But due to the lack of scale, he hoped that Herman could come forward,

And register a shipping company to help him pick up goods from overseas to Hong Kong.

In addition, he also wanted Herman to spend a sum of money to buy him a batch of powerful speedboats,

So that he could smuggle frozen meat directly into the mainland through this channel.

In order not to give Herman a chance to refuse, Jairo, the godfather,

Was going to put down his body and invite his godson and grandson to the banquet,

And then put forward demands at the dinner table.

Even if he wanted to not come over, Herman could not refuse.

However, after waiting at home for a long time, Jairo was a little annoyed when he didn’t see Herman’s figure.

He made a phone call and said, “Herman! You’re a j3rk now! Even I can’t stand up to you!”

“I’ve been waiting at home for you to eat with you at my age, and I haven’t seen you until now,”

“Where are you? What do you mean? If you look down on your godfather, just say it straight,”

“I will never let you embarrass! The big deal is that all the help I gave you before was just feeding a dog, and we two will never get along!”

It’s not like Herman doesn’t know about Jairo’s routine.

This man is scheming and good at attacking the heart.

The reason why he said that is nothing more than retreating.

He anticipated that he would not be able to borrow a donkey and say things that would never get along with each other,

So he deliberately showed weakness while steadily occupying the moral commanding heights.

Since then, he has had no choice but to apologize to him.

So, Herman hurriedly said humbly: “Godfather, how can I look down on you,”

“You are my godfather one day, and my godfather all my life. I can’t be what I am today without your support!”

Jairo asked, “Then why haven’t you come yet? It’s too much to let go of my pigeons, isn’t it?!”

Herman hurriedly said, “You’re wrong, godfather! I was supposed to leave an hour ago,”

“But Henry this kid went out in the afternoon and told me to come back soon,”

“But he hasn’t come back till now, I called him, but he couldn’t get through,”

“I’m afraid that something might happen to him!”

Jairo yelled when he heard this. : “Fcuk! Who dares to touch the grandson of Jairo,”

“I will blow his fcuking head! Although I have no great prospects in this life,”

“I will give my life! Herman, don’t worry if it is true,”

“If someone dares to touch Henry, I will help you kill him!”

An old wanderer like Jairo could never speak with only one meaning.

The reason why he was so impassioned was to reassure Herman on the one hand,

But on the other hand, he was actually beating him.

The meaning of the words is very simple. Although I am old,”

“I still dare to play with others.”

“If you Herman dare to play tricks on me, I will dare to play with you!